The Pendulum – Part One – Retreat to High Ground

The Pendulum - Part One

Retreat to High Ground

By High Desert



Missing in the mix of hundreds of bug-out stories is a forth right and candid self appraisal of lessons learned containing practical experience along with deep humility and honest self examination. High Desert expressed a willingness to share his and his wife’s adventure with TwoIceFloes and we eagerly embraced the opportunity to post his story as a three part series.


It was the summer of 2011, and for all practical purposes it was smooth sailing. My wife and I often commented to each other how drama and stress free our lives had become. Unfortunately we were blissfully unaware of the squall line rapidly approaching from behind.

The epiphany struck us like a bolt out of the blue. But rather than providing clarity and calm, this profound revelation was a violent tempest. The following six years brought dramatic shifts to our belief systems, state of mind, living conditions and more – dramatically swinging the pendulum back and forth before finally compelling us to seek balance and peace of mind. Continue reading The Pendulum – Part One – Retreat to High Ground

The (Mind) Games People Play

The (Mind) Games People Play


Cognitive Dissonance



Fair warning! This is a long and dense read and not intended for the faint-hearted

While most of us would accept there are two states of mind when it comes to perceiving reality, belief and disbelief, I posit there are three. And this third state of mind, the suspension of disbelief, is employed by nearly all of us the majority of the time when interacting within our own perceived reality.

If we are to recognize the prevailing global cultural insanity as a long duration event, meaning it started many centuries ago and will last many centuries beyond today, being logical and rational, while an essential component of survival, can only be viewed as a significant disability when trying to make sense of an insane world.

This is particularly true when we closely examine group and individual psychology and how it affects everything from culture to money to politics and all the prevailing memes in-between. Any sober assessment of the human condition leads to one conclusion only. Everyone is insane, including you and me. It is only a matter of degree, not if. Continue reading The (Mind) Games People Play

Wisdom, Experience and Just-In-Time Thinking

Wisdom, Experience and Just-In-Time Thinking


Cognitive Dissonance


I try to remind myself each generation considers itself smarter than the previous iteration. If you follow the bouncing logic ball, this means the next (younger) generation believes itself smarter than its present day cohort. In essence the millennial generation of today feels superior to those older than them while simultaneously inferior to the pack nipping at their heels.

Call it a superiority/inferiority complex, though admittedly the superior portion leads the inferior since we are all immortal gods at that age. Soon enough that wears off, usually around 30ish when we begin to recognize vulnerabilities already present and obvious to all but ourselves.

Ultimately smartness or intelligence is a relative measuring tool. There is no doubt my nineteen year old college student rocket scientist is much more adept at deciphering mathematical equations or manipulating genomes than I am. But can she determine which way a tree will tend to fall before cutting it, or smell snow in the air long before it begins to fall? Continue reading Wisdom, Experience and Just-In-Time Thinking

This and That Vol 4 – Mid Winter Musings

This and That Vol 4

Mid Winter Musings


Cognitive Dissonance



Probably the one topic Mrs. Cog and I return to more often than any other is our amazement how so many people who profess awareness and understanding of the coming chaos and hard times remain firmly rooted in their present situation. Despite acknowledging the runaway train barreling down the tracks directly towards them, they do little to nothing to get out of the way.

They know they are dependent upon a failing state for most, if not all, of their needs. Whether it is food, water, sewer, electricity, security, employment, whatever area we wish to examine, they remain tragically dependent upon a failing state to ‘not fail’ in order to continue to provide what the failing state soon will be unable to supply. Continue reading This and That Vol 4 – Mid Winter Musings

Taking a Pass on Gas – Wood Preferred – Part Three

Taking a Pass on Gas – Wood Preferred - Part Three


High Desert Homesteading

This is the final installment of this wood stove installation article. Actually, a major remodeling project more accurately describes the entire process.

Part 1 and Part 2 covered the near total demolition of the original gas fireplace, which was encased in a large moss rock structure, and the installation of hearth flagstone and a cultured stone (partial) back wall. Part two ended with several large tasks still to complete.

Those chores involved a lot of woodwork on the back wall and ceiling, the installation of a new insulated chimney stack, moving the 450lb wood stove up some stairs and onto the hearth, and the final installation work to prepare for the first wood fire. Continue reading Taking a Pass on Gas – Wood Preferred – Part Three

Thoughts From Cognitive Dissonance Ψ ψ