6 Signs You May Be an Infinite Player

I strongly dislike 'list' articles, to the point where I mostly ignore them as boringly formulaic and often nonsensical. But now and then one comes along that stands on its own despite the 'list' format used.

What I look for in an article to cross post here on TIF is one that stretches the borders and exercises the mind. It doesn't have to make complete sense or even be believable, just that it covers new territory or old territory with a new perspective or point of view. If this is present in an article, and it certainly is in "6 Signs You May Be an Infinite Player", I can overcome any inner bias and read the piece. In this case I was glad I did.

The author of this piece, Gary Z McGee, is relatively new to me. I shall put him on my daily rotation, and may I suggest you do so as well.

Click here to read "6 Signs You May Be an Infinite Player."

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