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6 Signs You May Be an Infinite Player

I strongly dislike 'list' articles, to the point where I mostly ignore them as boringly formulaic and often nonsensical. But now and then one comes along that stands on its own despite the 'list' format used.

What I look for in an article to cross post here on TIF is one that stretches the borders and exercises the mind. It doesn't have to make complete sense or even be believable, just that it covers new territory or old territory with a new perspective or point of view. If this is present in an article, and it certainly is in "6 Signs You May Be an Infinite Player", I can overcome any inner bias and read the piece. In this case I was glad I did.

The author of this piece, Gary Z McGee, is relatively new to me. I shall put him on my daily rotation, and may I suggest you do so as well.

Click here to read "6 Signs You May Be an Infinite Player."

The Cure for Aging

For several decades now I have not celebrated my birthday, not because I fear aging (though I don't necessarily enjoy the process) but because I find the entire exercise somewhat pointless and self absorbed. Obviously this was not always the case and some of my prior birthday celebrations were quite memorable to say the least.

Needless to say those close to me find this practice curious since it appears I am cheating myself (and others) out of an opportunity to commemorate another milestone. For me it is just another day on the calender and I am often reminded of its significance only when others mention to me that the day has arrived.

I feel the same way about most 'holidays' since many are either artificially manufactured for commercial/economic reasons or they are supposed to usher in the opportunity for perspective and self reflection, such as New Year's Day. From my point of view every day is self reflection day.

David Cain from just turned 34 last week and writes about aging in his latest piece. While I suspect his point of view will change as his joints become more than just theoretical future aching issues, it is well worth the ten minutes to read.

Please click here for David Cain's "The Cure For Aging"

Photo Credit to Joe Del Tofu

How to Be a Good Stranger

I can't count the number of times I've been surprised to find I like someone after talking with him or her for just a few moments. The question is......why am I surprised? The answer is......because I had already judged before knowing.

Once again David Cain walks us down a path to greater self awareness with his latest piece. Click the link and invest a few minutes of your time to discover how to be a good stranger.

The Elegant Art of Not Giving a Shit

Please excuse the vulgarity of this cross posted article, but sometimes a curse word or two is appropriate.

At times Mrs. Cog accuses me of being unemotional and detached. And at times Mrs. Cog is absolutely correct. There are circumstances where I simply do not wish to invest my emotional capital into some thing or some thought that I see as a dead end or chasing my tail. For those inclined to make the investment, oftentimes it comes down to little more than renting space in our mind to others with no compensation or return of principal.

The following article by David Cain of perfectly expresses my thoughts on the subject. Please take five minutes and check it out. Then pop over to David's website and check him out.

Please click here to read the article.

The Reasons We Fight The New World Order

I have been reading Brandon Smith from for some time now. And while I don't always agree with his positions, such as his stated need to 'resist' what I claim ultimately springs from within ( a view that is reflected in the title of Brandon's latest piece where he gives reasons why we "fight") Brandon is an impassioned and at times eloquent writer and often touches upon the same themes I write about.

In other words, while Brandon often becomes immersed in tilting at the illusionary windmills of the Matrix, this article, which we have re-posted from the website, comes as close as I have ever seen to expressing many Cognitive Dissonance themes and views. So, with no further ado I bring you Brandon Smith.

Please click here to read his piece.