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An Introduction to Awakening

For those who are just beginning the awakening process, how much information is too little and how much is way too much? While the answer varies from person to person I have personally struggled with finding the right balance when addressing that audience.

So it was a genuine pleasure to be directed to the following article by Zen Gardner (thank you LionLady) and find that, at least from my point of view, a near perfect balance had been struck by an obviously talented and inspired writer.

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Two Perspectives by Greg Calise

I often say that I have not an original thought in my head, but that the construction of the words I use to represent my thoughts are. While I cannot speak to other author’s original thoughts I do love to read their particular construction in the same way I enjoy viewing a complicated building project upon completion. There is much to learn if only we would look and listen.

With that in mind from time to time I will cross post those articles, essays and excerpts that I find interesting, enlightening or just plain fun. Introducing a new Two Ice Floes feature appropriately named "Perspectives" which you can now find along the top navigation bar.

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