Butternut Blues

A few days ago I watched a video about the probability of global hyperinflation occurring.  The prospect of the world losing confidence in their currencies is not a new concept for me to consider. However, the timeline in this particular video for hyperinflation was greatly accelerated compared to my previous thoughts on the matter. This prompted the danger proximity alarm bells in my head to begin ringing in earnest.

I turned to Cog and for the 10th (or maybe 20th) time since we moved to the mountain said, “We’re gonna need more chicken soup.”

Humoring me as Cog tends to do, within an hour plans for the day were scrapped, lists were made and we set off down the mountain for soup canning supplies. Several stores and hours later we were headed home with all the goods to churn out a double batch of chicken veggie soup and a double batch of Butternut/Pumpkin Soup.

The butternut concoction has evolved into a favorite comfort food at Chez Cog. After canning (and reheating before serving) it cooks into a thick pasty broth similar to bisque. I add pumpkin puree, which compliments the butternut nicely since they are cousins in the garden. I also add lentils, onions, celery and ham.

Cog and I had some fun while I was making the soup yesterday. Here is the video recipe I uploaded to my YouTube channel.

Just a reminder from an obsessive compulsive canner… Canned soups, chili and dinners are an excellent and healthy way to store food for the long term. At the end of a long day there aren’t many more satisfying household luxuries than home cooked food previously prepared and waiting to be warmed up for a hearty meal.

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