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Loose Cannon


Cognitive Dissonance

Back in the days of sword and sail, warships mounted heavy cannon on their decks in such a way as to maximize their range of fire. Out of necessity, this meant the cannon were not permanently fixed in place and needed to be properly lashed to the deck during high seas or violent maneuvers. The cannon, cast from iron, were extremely heavy weapons of war and wrought great death and destruction if they ever broke free from their restraints and got loose on deck.

Today, the phrase ‘loose cannon’ is used to describe an individual, usually a politician or other ‘authority’, who has become reckless and rash, lashing out senselessly at anyone and everyone within reach. Dangerously uncontrollable would be a proper description of both the loose cannon and the described individual.

But I am not referencing Donald Trump or any other individual for that matter. Instead I am speaking with regard to the faceless, nameless, uber powerful chameleon better known as the Deep State, the existence of which has been repeatedly mentioned in the mainstream and alternative press of late. However, I am not necessarily claiming the Deep State itself is the loose cannon. Read on for the answer. Continue reading Loose Cannon

Improving the Mole Economy One Broken Window at a Time



Cognitive Dissonance


We have a mole. Correction…we have moles.

And judging by the extensive tunnel network spread across the nearly two acres of grass area I cut (I use the term ‘grass’ loosely because they’re actually closely cut weed fields) I would estimate we have at least two moles and possibly 6 million.

Give or take a few.

I noticed the mole infestation was getting a bit worse just as the late fall days turned cold and I was in the process of winterizing all our power equipment. In addition to changing the oil, cleaning off the dirt and crud, touching up the rusty areas with paint and running stabilized gasoline through the fuel systems, I like to move the most used pieces of equipment into a central area where they can huddle together during the winter months and swap stupid human stories amongst themselves.

You’ve just got to hear the one about Mrs. Cog and the Husky tiller. Continue reading Improving the Mole Economy One Broken Window at a Time

Shadows on the Cave Wall


Cognitive Dissonance


(Plato had much to say about modern day ideological blindness.)

Nearly everyone thinks of the United States of America as a place, a physical location, some place you can live, visit, touch and see. And nearly everyone is wrong.

The United States of America is an ideology, a thought meme, a belief, a political religion, a concept and an idea. I am reminded of this every time Mrs. Cog and I head southeast down the mountain and cross over from Virginia into North Carolina. Other than a few road signs and a change in the pavement (clearly two different companies at two different times from two different directions paved right up to the border and no further) there is no discernible difference. Continue reading Shadows on the Cave Wall

It’s the Dismal Tide. It’s Not the One Thing.


Cognitive Dissonance


The other evening I amused myself by watching, for the fourth time at least, “No Country for Old Men”, a movie adapted from a novel by the same name and produced by the Cohen brothers. Though I’m not certain ‘amused’ is the proper term for what I actually experience when viewing the carnage from all corners of the universe as depicted in this movie. Each time I enter the realm of this ‘fiction’ something different within me is deeply disturbed.

When I was a young man I knew someone quite similar to the character Anton Chigurh, an emotionless, compassionless killing machine. The person I knew frightened the piss out of me every time I interacted with him simply because I never knew what the hell he would do next, though I always knew what he was perfectly capable of doing next if his deranged spirit so moved him.

The person I knew was insane by any imaginable definition of the word. Continue reading It’s the Dismal Tide. It’s Not the One Thing.