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A Charity Case


Cognitive Dissonance


I hate fund raising. Or more accurately I hate being hit up for funds during fund raising season. Either I’m encouraged to feel cheap because I didn’t chip in last time, thus I’m a free loader. Or I’m a social deviant for not helping out a good cause. The only thing worse than manipulative psychological games is when you understand the game……yet you still allow yourself to be manipulated into giving by expert leveraging of hidden guilt, shame or desire.

But now that the shoe is on the other foot, suddenly perspective is gained and there is a greater understanding of what is really going on and why. We, that means you and I, the only two people who count right now, are either going to make a donation or we are not. No one can compel either of us to do so under these circumstances. In fact pretty much the IRS and the police/courts have an exclusive franchise on that ‘coerced donation’ market.

Essentially a donation made is remuneration for a contract entered into, even if the ‘benefit’ received is just the emotional high from helping out, rather than for ‘goods’ received. In return for your donation of any amount to TwoIceFloes I promise not to send you cheap trinkets, day glow orange t-shirts with my logo or bumper stickers you need a flame thrower and an acid bath to remove. Nor will I engage in witty banter and psychological trickery designed to seduce that credit card from your wallet or purse. Well……never again after this.

What we do promise is to continue to bring you high quality original articles from Mrs. Cog and I, a steady stream of well written and thought provoking guest posts from a variety of global websites, unknown and amateur authors who write on a wide variety of topics, a rapidly expanding forum area restricted to members for commenting, but which is wide open to everyone to read, and of course a beautiful website that pleases both the eye and the mind.

When we rolled out this website on Valentine’s Day of this year the very first article posted (Welcome to Two Ice Floes) promised a total commitment from Mrs. Cog and I to produce a top quality website. In return we asked for your participation and financial support to help us make it all happen. Between the two of us we devote 60-80 hours a week to TwoIceFloes including backroom customer support and website upkeep, forum maintenance (a huge job) and the writing and editing of quality content.


So please, click the donate button (here or on the side bar on the front page) and give till it hurts….or at least till you think doing so will shut me up. Better yet, consider purchasing a membership to TwoIceFloes and join the Insane Asylum.

Thank You,

Cognitive Dissonance

Control the Language and You Control the Mind


Cognitive Dissonance


As is pretty common these days, the genesis for this article was a conversation between Mrs. Cog and me regarding word and phrase definitions within a larger discussion about perception and understanding. In essence the question was this; how do you think outside the box when your language and belief system have you trapped within? While I am most definitely sympathetic when someone protests “It simply never occurred to me……” ultimately only slaves are not responsible for the language they use and the thought boxes they keep. Continue reading Control the Language and You Control the Mind

(Conditioned) Human Nature within the Insane Asylum

I wish I had a silver dollar for every time I’ve heard the phrase “It is human nature……” or some such derivative or derivation. Alan Greenspan recently popped to the surface of his personal cesspool to proclaim that it is human nature to create financial bubbles, thus absolving himself of any blame for a runaway fiat candy machine. His exact words were Bubbles are functions of unchangeable human nature.”

I will stifle the urge to flush Greenspan back down the commode where he belongs and instead focus upon the mistaken belief that we can actually determine exactly what is ‘human nature’ after hundreds if not thousands of years of social conditioning and manipulation. Continue reading (Conditioned) Human Nature within the Insane Asylum

Welcome to Two Ice Floes – Please Read First

Welcome to the new portal into the mind of Cognitive Dissonance. This website has been a long time coming, well over forty years now that I think about it, so please be patient since this is a work in progress. Come on in and look around. We think you will be pleased.

Below is our thinking behind and purpose for this website, a mission statement if you will. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take ten minutes and read it through. Mrs. Cog and I believe that Two Ice Floes is a very unique web destination and we would like to share the genesis of our passion with you. Continue reading Welcome to Two Ice Floes – Please Read First

Of Baling Wire, Chewing Gum and Sinking Ships

It sounded like a good idea at the time, ‘the time’ being a drunken outing with the other boys in the crew. The next day everyone would get up real early and head over to the local slip for a morning cruise on Joe’s ‘new’ boat, a 24’ Boston Whaler he picked up for a song from the dealer at the mariner. In between Tequila shots he had raved about the two hundred horse power Mercury outboard motor and the pretty railings and deck fittings. Shaking off the morning hangover I gulped down some coffee and donuts, then headed over to Joe’s place to meet up with the rest of the crew. Continue reading Of Baling Wire, Chewing Gum and Sinking Ships