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(Conditioned) Human Nature within the Insane Asylum

I wish I had a silver dollar for every time I’ve heard the phrase “It is human nature……” or some such derivative or derivation. Alan Greenspan recently popped to the surface of his personal cesspool to proclaim that it is human nature to create financial bubbles, thus absolving himself of any blame for a runaway fiat candy machine. His exact words were Bubbles are functions of unchangeable human nature.”

I will stifle the urge to flush Greenspan back down the commode where he belongs and instead focus upon the mistaken belief that we can actually determine exactly what is ‘human nature’ after hundreds if not thousands of years of social conditioning and manipulation. Continue reading (Conditioned) Human Nature within the Insane Asylum

Welcome to Two Ice Floes – Please Read First

Welcome to the new portal into the mind of Cognitive Dissonance. This website has been a long time coming, well over forty years now that I think about it, so please be patient since this is a work in progress. Come on in and look around. We think you will be pleased.

Below is our thinking behind and purpose for this website, a mission statement if you will. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take ten minutes and read it through. Mrs. Cog and I believe that Two Ice Floes is a very unique web destination and we would like to share the genesis of our passion with you. Continue reading Welcome to Two Ice Floes – Please Read First

Of Baling Wire, Chewing Gum and Sinking Ships

It sounded like a good idea at the time, ‘the time’ being a drunken outing with the other boys in the crew. The next day everyone would get up real early and head over to the local slip for a morning cruise on Joe’s ‘new’ boat, a 24’ Boston Whaler he picked up for a song from the dealer at the mariner. In between Tequila shots he had raved about the two hundred horse power Mercury outboard motor and the pretty railings and deck fittings. Shaking off the morning hangover I gulped down some coffee and donuts, then headed over to Joe’s place to meet up with the rest of the crew. Continue reading Of Baling Wire, Chewing Gum and Sinking Ships

Exceptionalism – The Mind Killer

It is so deeply embedded, so seamlessly rooted and integrated into what we think of as ‘our self’, that when expressed oftentimes it is (intentionally) mistaken for something else entirely. Our indoctrination begins at birth in tiny little ways, mostly personal in nature, with our parents and care givers the initial delivery system. From day one out of the womb we are conditioned via adoring smiles and Coochie Coochie Coo’s that we are exceptional, one of a kind and King of the house. A few minutes of screaming has everyone running to stem the tears and change the pee pants. And it is all downhill from here. Continue reading Exceptionalism – The Mind Killer