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The Grand SCOTUS Facade

There is a widely held and increasingly difficult to believe myth that the three branches of the United States government operate independently from each other, thus acting as checks and balances upon each other. And the reality is that as long as it suits The Empire’s self interest those three branches of government will outwardly appear to operate as directed by the constitution. Continue reading The Grand SCOTUS Facade

Promises, Promises!

Even when we know otherwise we still tend to think about big picture problems (i.e. The Fed’s money printing, out of control US Government debt, student loan bubble/defaults, corporate/governmental corruption etc) as if they are being rained down upon us and not as if we are in any way responsible for the problems or the solutions. In other words we tend to see the world and its troubles from the point of view of a victim rather than a participant, let alone a partially responsible party. Continue reading Promises, Promises!

The Santa Claus Lie – A Gateway Drug to Collective (Self) Deception

I spend what some might imagine is an inordinate amount of time thinking about lies and self deception. But from my point of view it is a fundamental flaw that cripples us as individuals and as a society. Lying and lies permeate our culture from top to bottom in ways we often never perceive and rarely wish to see. Essentially it is the foundational building block that supports all that is wrong with us and why we continuously repeat our oftentimes disastrous personal and societal mistakes. Deception, self and societal, is the fatal flaw, something we have come to call ‘being human’. Continue reading The Santa Claus Lie – A Gateway Drug to Collective (Self) Deception

Wetiko – Cognitive Infiltration of the Third Kind

Just like millions of children before me, when I was young I would play imaginary games populated with scary monsters and evil space aliens. And of course I was always the courageous and handsome hero who saved the planet from certain doom and total annihilation again and again and again. Continue reading Wetiko – Cognitive Infiltration of the Third Kind