Didje Magic

When Mrs. Cog and I were conceptualizing this website one of the most exciting features we wanted to co-create was a special place where we could post articles, thoughts, art or just plain ramblings by members and non members alike. A place where we could showcase those who had good material, ideas or even creative fiction but no place to post or publish.

As a contributing editor on Zero Hedge, several times I took the liberty to post work by others that I felt was creative or simply warranted merit and recognition. I have always felt there is a huge wealth of  unrecognized talent out there waiting to be discovered and displayed for all to see.

A few days ago when I posted "Transcendence" on Zero Hedge a long comment, a story really, was left by someone who uses the avatar ID "Element". It was a story that touched both Mrs. Cog and I and we felt it would be perfect as the first submission to "Your Turn", that corner of the universe where new talent is offered for your reading or viewing pleasure.

If you have something to say to the world click "Your Turn" on the menu/navigation bar at the top right, read the rules and regulations and then use the contact form to find out how to submit your work for publication. Now sit back, click here, and enjoy "Didje Magic" by "Element".

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