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    Mrs Cog

    I have had recent discussions with multiple (Two Ice Floes) TIF members regarding their favorite books related to cooking, preserving, gardening and similar topics. I am finding that books which deeply touch members of our community almost always contain powerful information to share.

    Not too far back, TIF’s own @tenma13 recommended The Market Gardener about a small food growing operation up in Canada using organic methods to grow and produce a ridiculous amount of food. What a great share! It is a really good read and a fabulous reference treasure.

    So PLEASE – share your relevant sources with us.

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    Mrs Cog

    More recently a wonderful story that also chronicles the methods, struggles and victories of organic growing was lent to me. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in these topics..

    Turn Here Sweet Corn

    and Atina Diffley’s website: What Is A Farm?

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