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      I am a boomer. I am unfashionably a boomer it seems nowadays. I was born post war and grew up in the following years to be conservative in not only my beliefs but in the idea that one does not throw stuff away if it does not work. I still have a lot of ‘stuff’ that still works, consequently I have a comfortable lifestyle here in Texas. Believe it or not I worked and saved our $ for the future. I was fortunate enough to marry a conservative Yankee woman from the same era. I give a lot of credit to her for our current state. I have empathy for those who came after us and who must scratch and sacrifice to even raise one child in our current political/cultural environment. I believe the biggest impediment to one getting ‘ahead’ is lack of will and a basic ignorance of economics. General and specific information has always been the crux of a person or a civilization to better one’s lives, or survive to adulthood. Our schools do us ALL a disservice to send young adults out into the world without the means to discern propaganda from truth or a dissembled /pernicious lie.
      So, back to the lack of ‘WILL’. Our current Governments rob of us a will to do better, be better and expand our consciousness; to be not only better persons but to make a better world for us all. ‘Collectivism’ is not the answer. Only the free human spirit will prevail no matter the roadblocks. I have hope for us here in the U.S.A. but I fear for the coming dislocation of all of us from our current status as ‘defender of democracy’.

      as Tex believes...Keep your powder dry and your beliefs sacrosanct because no on else will, for you.

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      Our current Governments rob of us a will to do better, be better and expand our consciousness; to be not only better persons but to make a better world for us all.

      So many people lack the capacity or imagination (or courage) to recognize where we presently are and where we are headed. Many have allowed themselves to be paralyzed (neutralized) into the left/right or Dem/Rep paradigm that they are essentially useless eaters and political pawns.

      So sad.


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        the house biscuit

        I always figured you were real, Cog

        Meaning that when I reflect on several years worth of ZH entities, yours was one of the few

        Not even sure how I stumbled onto this site a few days ago; some sort of rabbit hole hyper-linking

        Am at the point that I generally avoid ‘the news’. To paraphrase Darth Mathis: I don’t like to let (((them))) set my table for me

        Why avoid ‘the news’? Because it is there to stir your brain & mind control you

        In any event, you & the Mrs. appear to have a nice thing going; & in one of the better locales

        The site appears to be collecting a little dust. But that’s OK. Better dusty than full of PsyOps & yahoos, like the Hedge

        Rock on~

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          Hello House Biscuit,


          Yes, dusty is better than full of spooks and operatives. And I’m not sure what ‘real’ is, but I bleed when poked. ;-)

          Mrs. Cog and I have worked hard to create our own reality. And while it’s a lot of work to maintain, it’s certainly worth it.

          Rabbit holes are amazing. By the time you poke your head out to figure out where you are, it really doesn’t matter where you started.

          I still manage significant family money, so it’s hard to avoid the news completely because in order to trade and invest, one must remain somewhat plugged it. But Mrs. Cog insists I do a brain scrub weekly to keep the cooties under control.

          Thanks for stopping by.


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            the house biscuit

            I get it & continue to visit the site as well. But no longer as a commenter. Even in the few years I was on, the quality of the comments deteriorated, which is not an accident, I suspect. Still, if folks like you continue, there is some value. ZH is highly referenced by the truth community & I certainly benefitted from the few real folks who took the time to post useful links & etc.

            Speaking of creating reality…you may be aware of the recent news from the IMF re: creating a new Bretton Woods. There’s a useful summary at YouTube by Simon Dixon on this.

            Rock on~

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