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      Ok, I’m a terrible gardener, I’ll admit. Still, when I went out to weed (again) my “empty” garden before plucking up the courage to go out and buy something to plant in it I found out that one of the beds is infested with a colony of tiny ANTS. Any help out there?

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      The Urban PepperThe Urban Pepper


      This is a pretty good link and is full of ideas. I usually try to flood them out with a water hose.

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      Dawn dishwashing detergent mixed with water. Kills fleas, ants and more. Fast.

      It also gets rid of the paths/trails the ants make and follow.

      I decide on the strength of the mixture by how upset I am with the insects.

      It makes a great insecticidal soap.

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        I had no idea Dawn dish washing detergent was so effective. Thanks for the tip.

        Cognitive Dissonance

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