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      3. Kep & Me - TaZ 2002 3
      CAPTION: The Maasai chief of a remote Tanzanian village and myself (there were elephants right behind us!) – photo by David Anderson, David Anderson Safaris.

      Mine – or yours, if you’ve got a good one – about Africa, shamanism, personal travels and adventures, memories, strange encounters, etc. Here’s where to share ’em. I’ve got a few of my own, so stay tuned.

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      AvatarMrs Cog

      This is awesome @LionLady.

      When I was very young my mother took us to the public library every Tuesday morning for story time held in the basement of the old white brick building where the children’s books were located. I’ll be front and center when your tales are ready to be unfolded… armed with a cozy sweater and a plate of warm cookies to pass around afterwards. :-)

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      Oooh! I love story time!

      Believe it or not, I did get to spend two weeks on safari in Kenya when I was in junior high, in 1981. My first cousin Daniel had gotten interested in astronomy, and somehow he and my grandfather had joined a Canadian astronomy group, and as a result my grandparents arranged for the entire extended family to go on safari with a bunch of Canadian astronomers (the occasion was a total solar eclipse that was expected towards the end of the trip).

      It was a truly amazing experience, even at a young age when I had no idea how unusual it was. I can’t imagine how moving it would be to go there as an adult. I can’t wait to hear!

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      Hello, You Two! Thank you for dropping by to check out the new digs.

      I’m turning over a new Forum leaf by spreading the blankets out a bit wider on the ground here, so that lots more goodies can be pulled from the capacious basket sitting behind me and spread out for examination and sharing. I’m hoping that others, like you just did, ZenS! will also come forth and talk about memorable places seen/experienced, ‘times of our lives’ stuff, and whatever else makes for a great story. I’ll even provide the campfire! LOL! My intrepid partner builds nothing but the biggest and the best: photos to come as there’s a rip-roaring (pun intended) one coming up about Winter Solstice 2012, a bit later in the year.

      But first, I think I will talk about the amazing Kepalele, seen with me above, and that initial Nairobi, Kenya-to-Kilimanjaro, Taz adventure . . . inspired by the fact that ZenS has also been there . . . and also the fact that this was the initial stage of my long 3-year sojourn in Africa. Worthy of a tale, I think, to kick off this segment of the Forum. Back in a bit with that story, so bring on those cookies and I’ll put on the kettle. Rooiboos? Honnibusch? Oolong? Or, what? It’s all good! :)


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