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      On the Beach

      Hello Everyone.

      This space has been graciously furnished and prepared for my use by Mr. and Mrs. Cog so I can communicate directly with readers of this Two Ice Floes website. I am deeply grateful to The Cog’s for this opportunity.

      Please feel free to ask me about anything you think I might be able to discuss. I have posted two essays here now and will post many more in the very near future.

      I have mentioned in some of my comment posts that I come from a fairly unusual background, not normal in the Western Developed world. I was trained at an early age to accept and explore my non-physical nature. Most of the lessons that lead to this understanding were given to me and my brother and sister by non-physical entities.

      Because of this, I never had to undo any ‘beliefs’ based on religion or science. We were taught to do our own exploration and observation and interpretation. We were taught that as developing individuals only we could be responsible for ourselves. We were taught to not allow any entity or agency to come between us and our connection to our non-physical self or other aspects of the non-physical.

      We were never told what to do or how to do anything. We were only given general guidance.

      I know deeply in ways difficult to express in words how special, how gifted and how unique each one of you are.

      On The Beach

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      On the Beach

      My many thanks to Mrs Cog for the wonderful photo she took and used on the page where my essays are located.

      I could not have found or posted a better symbolic image if I had looked for years.

      My user name here on this website is ‘On The Beach’. I use that name for several reasons.

      First it keeps me anonymous as I do not want to draw attention to myself as some sort of unique individual because of my background. Everything that I am, that I have experienced, that I have done in my life is possible for anyone.

      Second, I live on the beach in the Philippines.

      Thirdly, and most importantly, I am deeply interested in the interaction and relationship between the physical and non-physical.

      In symbolic terms earth can be seen as representing the physical while water is the mysterious non-physical. The point where these two mysteries meet would be at the beach.

      The picture Mrs. Cog used for my page here is a perfect representation of the current status of this relationship between physical and non-physical: it has been fenced off. Common people are not allowed on the beach.

      However, the fence is very flimsy and full of holes. It is easy to climb through. But, once through, a person is further restricted by other fences that keep a person from wandering up and down the beach in simple exploration.

      This picture is an almost exact symbolic representation of the current status of humankind and its relationship with its non-physical aspect under the guidance of Modernity. Humankind has been purposefully separated from its non-physical nature. The separation is not so rigid as to keep a person from trying to find themselves as the separation has been developed as a whole series of structured beliefs. These beliefs pass control of the non-physical off to other agencies and agents, making it very difficult for an individual to get to a position of personally walking on the beach and exploring their own personal non-physical self without the interference of an intermediary agency of some sort.

      This photo chosen by Mrs Cog also shows a lot of wind and clouds, perhaps a large storm is drawing near. Nothing could be more symbolic of what is happening right now concerning this fencing off of mankind from his spiritual nature. Is it possible that a large storm is coming that will knock these almost illusory fences down? Will mankind soon be able to walk on the beach and explore his true nature without fences of any kind?

      It is my sincere hope that each of you will be able to walk this beach, exploring it in personal freedom and maybe even get your toes wet a bit in the mysteries of the water.

      It is your life and your world and your Nature that is at stake.

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      On the Beach

      I know I am going to be asked about the non-physical entities that met me and were and are a constant part of my life. So I will preempt that question by posting a description of the first meeting I had with one of them when I was 4 years old.

      Please note that this entity appeared to me in a form and appearance he chose for some reason. They can appear in any form and appearance they wish for what ever reason they wish. Perhaps my four year old self needed to see this person in this form.

      Anyway, here is the story:

      We lived in a southern suburb of Los Angeles until I was 5 before we moved to the country in Riverside County CA.  My first really unusual event happened in this little single family home on Ramona Street in Hawthorn, California when I was 4 years old.

      I was a high energy kid and difficult to get to sleep. I had learned early on to not let my mom know I was still up playing. I would bring books or toys into bed and read or play, letting light in through small holes I left in the blankets. There was a street light outside our bedroom window that cast just enough light for me to play under the covers. I had taught myself to read before I was 4 and reading was a big part of my life. All it took was a set of alphabet blocks and a picture dictionary and I was off exploring the world.

      This night I was reading in bed when I noticed that the light in the room was much brighter than normal. I peaked out the crack in my blanket and noticed that the entire bedroom was brightly lit.  I could not figure out how this could be possible because I knew the light had been turned off.  So I stuck my head out the blankets to check the lights and saw a man standing at the foot of my bed. Calling him  a man is not exactly accurate but I don’t know what else to say. He was a man in shape and appearance but he was glowing from light within. In fact he was glowing brightly enough to light the entire room as if it were day.. He appeared to be made out of light.

      I was so scared. I could see his face, a deep brown face with a full beard, closely trimmed. He was wearing robes of pure white but had a dark blue turban on his head. He had deep dark eyes full of life and humor and he smiled deeply at me when he saw that I had seen him. He then started to talk to me in English.

      The most distinctive feature about his appearance to me as a 4 year old was a ruby colored stone that was set in the middle of his forehead. It seemed to hold the turban together somehow, but also seemed like it was a part of his forehead. The amazing thing was that the stone cast a bright red light anywhere he looked. And this light went right through whatever it fell on. It made everything almost transparent under its glow. I had the impression then and now that this stone was another way this person had of seeing, separate and different from his eyes.

      He was a big man, easily the biggest man I had ever seen. In my adult memory I see him as about six foot five or so and powerfully built.

      I was simply overcome with fear.

      He was telling me a story about me. A story about my place in a family, his family. It was quite beyond me but he was telling me that I was a member of a family and that I had a big task to accomplish in this life but that I would never be alone in this job. He told me that there was going to be a war between good and evil and I would need to become a warrior for good. He told me he and many others of our family would be there always to help me. I had no idea what he was talking about.

      About this time I had had all I could stand and disappeared under the covers, shaking in fear. He laughed and asked me why I was afraid. I simply could not speak to him I was so scared. I peaked out under the covers through a hole just big enough for one eye and saw him walk around the bed from the foot to the side of the bed. He then sat down on the bed and pulled back the covers so he could continue talking to me. I remember my little bed creaking with his weight.

      He patted me on the shoulder and kept talking to me. I was frozen in place, hearing but barely understanding. He told me that he would never hurt me, that we were great friends and brothers in our real life, and that he would always be next to me even though I would not be able to see him most of the time. Then he stood up and walked back to the foot of the bed. He told me it was time for him to go but that he was going to pray to our family for their strength and assistance. He then spoke in another language that I did not understand at all.

      Finally, he told me to always remember this night. That when I did, he would always come to me for whatever I might need. He then put both hands in front of his face, bowed slightly as if in prayer and simply dissolved into the floor, disappearing in an instant. But the interesting thing was the room stayed bright from his light, dimming slowly over a few moments.

      I waited as long as I could and then ran screaming to my parent’s room telling them that a huge man had been in my room and he glowed and had a glowing red light in his forehead. Of course, they thought I had had a nightmare, but humored me by looking everywhere and under everything.

      They got me calmed down and back to bed and finally to sleep but the memory of that night has stayed with me all my life. It was no dream, it happened and later in life I met that man in other circumstances, but not as a normal physical being of course. He and others of that family have been a constant companion to me and others of my physical family here on earth now.

      On The Beach

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      I just now found this OtB. It must have been posted while I was ‘out and about’ last time. Please keep relating these experiences of yours as I love reading them.

      I’d especially like to hear more about your spiritual brother and friend, whom I’m going to call “The Shining One.” You probably remember why…and where I saw that term beforehand.

      Just sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Oh how I wish I would have had this same sort of guidance from that young of an age. It most likely would have saved me a lot of future heartaches.

      If I’m not mistaken you related elsewhere that your mother(I think) was very similar in her religious beliefs to those of my parents. How did you sidestep all that at that age, and not get caught up in the ‘dramas’ that go along with that sort of thing?

      "There is a dream dreaming all of us." ~ Kalahari Bushmen

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        On the Beach

        Hi Dis:

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

        I truly wish everyone would have had the opportunity to be directly in contact with such beings when they were little. But I also think that almost all children are in contact, perhaps not a full blown public physical manifestation like I had but certainly private visual observations of non-physical entities not quite fully material. These connections to the non-physical are usually dismissed or worse by the adults around the children until children are forced to give up.

        We live in a world created by the loss of these deep connections to our non-physical nature. This loss is a direct form of insanity and we can see the results all around us everyday.

        I like your description of ‘Shining One’ as it is actually a better description of them in their real form when they are working in the physical, but I had another phrase for them when I was a little kid. I called them the “BIg Guys” as they usually presented themselves as very large humans. Of course I was just 4 when I first met them and a very little guy. Still even now as a 6 footer they would tower over me, even the women Big Guys. Also, they don’t always manifest as shining entities giving off light. In fact in most cases in public manifestations they are not shining at all and appear like normal physical humans, just very large.

        They are not Nordics though, for those of you who know of that reported Alien species. These Big Guys are not physical beings and never have been physical beings in earthly human form.

        The issue of Religion and its relationship to the Big Guys was my first run in with conditioning that I recognized. My parents, but most especially my mother, embraced the non-physical Big Guys and other forms of spiritual manifestation presented in Spiritualism, while at the same time being wrapped up in a holy roller form of Full Gospel Southern Evangelical Charismatic Christianity. There was lots of burning in hell.

        How these two forms of religious philosophy worked together was that they didn’t at all. The small group of physical adults we were associated with had to ignore most of what these Big Guys were saying in order to continue holding to what you so aptly termed ‘holyrollerstan’. A person could not honestly listen to the Big Guys and then embrace any form of Christianity as it functions as Religion today. Simply impossible. As a small child I listened intently to the Big Guys and their message of personal effort and care and deep commitment to personal responsibility as being the only way possible of making our way in life. I pretended to hear the messages the religion of Christianity and salvation through Christ the adults were telling. On the one hand I had adults telling me about burning in hell if I did wrong and disobeyed some rule and on the other hand I had a huge spiritual entity telling me to do my best and think hard about what it was that I was doing. And these Big Guys were saying very pointedly that there was no punishment and no punishers, only personal responsibility. The Big Guys were laughing and joking and loved to tell funny stories and have a good time. But they could also be deadly serious and do things that were beyond any physical explanation at all.

        So it was a very hard place for a young person to be in but I chose to pay more attention to the Big Guys and less to the physical adults. I paid a terrible price for that in abuse, but the adults could not push too hard against the Big Guys because they were so important to them in other ways. I think the adults around us then used the Big Guys kind of like hood ornaments, window dressing, advertisements.

        The most powerful indicator of the Shining Ones, my Big Guys, is how you feel simply by being in their presence. They are overwhelming in the sense of calm and peace and strength they radiate. Care and concern for you as a being is radiated completely through you and fills you up when one of them is in front of you. I have seen people who did not know what was happening or who they were seeing just fall to their knees and start weeping just by having one of them there. The physical being could not say why they were feeling the way they did, only that they were overwhelmed by what they called an intense feeling of love.

        Standing with one of them makes you want to do your very best if that is what it takes to be able to have even a tiny portion of the physical presence they have.

        But they never ever ever put any label on themselves. Especially they never called themselves ‘Advanced’ or ‘Higher’ or ‘Master’ or ‘Ascended’. They abhorred all those terms and would not accept them at all. They encouraged everyone to learn to love life and live it as well as they could. They always had a great time and loved a party. They were the opposite of stodgy or stuck up or difficult. Mentally comparing one of them to scenes of Religious ceremony carried out by religious leaders is simply comical. They never had to do anything special to seem composed or powerful: they were power incarnate just by being.

        They never asked for or accepted any form of praise or reverence or worship. They denied any need for that from anyone to any other entity, ever, anywhere. No one, simply no one, was beneath them, but no one could lie to them. They abhorred lies and would catch out anyone attempting to lie. You had to meet them completely honestly and openly and they would do the same back to you, looking you deeply right in the eyes. And they will never tell you what to do, or ask anything of you except your very best efforts in whatever it is you are trying to do.

        One time when I was young I asked the male Big Guy who I am closest to if he were a god. He had a good laugh and told me if he were he would be the only god with a broom. That most of the time he felt like a janitor sweeping up the messes his children made around the universe.

        To have them in my life has been a great blessing. They are not physically present as much as they were when I was a child, but they are always mentally present. It is a great comfort to know they are standing at my shoulder and I do my best to tell everyone that is interested in hearing that we all, everyone on earth, has a similar presence standing next to them also. We just don’t know about that any more and don’t know how to connect to them the way we could in earlier times.


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          Hmmm, so the adults in your life at the time and specifically your holy roller mother were perfectly aware of your big guys. That’s very interesting. I guess I had it in my head that they were clueless about your interactions with the “big guys.”

          Believe me I’m right there with you on the “lots of burning in hell.” Been there, done that. I just can’t wrap my mind around your mother being like that, but yet she was perfectly aware of what was happening with you and the “big guys”. She had to have had some serious cognitive dissonance going on in her head. Wow! My parents would have been praying to deliver me from the demons or something along those lines.

          btw I answered your question about which of Laura Knight-J’s books I meant over on Zenscreamer’s thread.

          "There is a dream dreaming all of us." ~ Kalahari Bushmen

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      On the Beach

      Hi Dis:

      The adults were very aware of and interacted with the Big Guys and were occasionally admonished by the Big Guys for abuse. But you know how single minded Holyrollerstans are. Yes the cognitive dissonance was amazing, even for me as a kid, but I just started to ignore the adults and their poisonous messages.

      Later in life I realized how easy it would be for organized religions to co-opt the messages and very presence of entities or beliefs like the Big Guys and turn them into ‘saints’ or ‘devils’. I know that was what was done here in PI where most people were still practicing pagans. it’s a three step process but very effective.

      I did see your Laura Knight reference and I have read parts of that book that she has posted on her Cassiopeia website. It is very involved and complex. Do you know her SOTT website? I have to give her great honor for being brave enough to be the first publisher of the psychopathy book. She is very brave and fearless I suspect under constant attack.

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      On the Beach

      It is difficult to imagine a more profound lesson on the power of personal beliefs that meeting one of the Big Guys.

      I have seen very intelligent, observant physical people absolutely refuse to acknowledge the results of their own eyes and ears after seeing a Big Guy in their shining form. To acknowledge what they just saw and heard and to move forward with that new information inside them would mean too much of a change in beliefs. They simply could not face making those changes and the easiest thing to do was to refuse to accept what had just happened to them. It just didn’t happen.

      These Big Guys are not easy to mistake for some ephemeral ghost that you might glimpse out of the corner of your eye for a second on a dark night. These guys are 6’-9” tall and as powerful as stone, with laughing eyes and huge smiles and hand shakes and back slaps. All the while glowing like the sun. To admit them into your belief system if you have no point of reference is to probably challenge everything you know.

      So what most people will try to do then is to make them into some character in a Bible story. Anything to frame them in a reference that does not cause the human to radically challenge their own beliefs. But if you spend any time with them at all and really pay attention you simply can not do that. There is no ‘bible’ message to them, in fact in most cases very much the opposite. So most people can not tolerate them at all.

      In fact most people are not capable of challenging their own well established and well held, but personally unconfirmed beliefs, even a little. Habit, even in uncomfortable and easily seen lies is too addictive and too easy. The message of personal responsibility that the Big Guys bring will fall on stone fields.

      Do you wonder why they don’t appear to more people?

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        So what most people will try to do then is to make them into some character in a Bible story.

        I thought of that last night after I signed off…that maybe your mother was justifying them in her mind as the “big guys” being some her ‘Lord’s Angels’.

        as for:

        Do you wonder why they don’t appear to more people?

        Now I’m wondering why they haven’t appeared to me. Especially later in my life when I would have been am much more open to such an experience. Maybe my earlier life’s BS(belief system) is still blocking that path in some way. Yours is not the only such experience I’ve heard/read about. There’s just too many others relating similar things to be able to say about yours, “oh he’s just making this up.”

        One thing though, you’ve never ever had any questions about their intent? Meaning such as in the Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man.”


        Yes I’ve been aware of the SOTT site for some time now. I’m pretty sure that’s where I found out about her book that I purchased several years back.

        "There is a dream dreaming all of us." ~ Kalahari Bushmen

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          On the Beach

          Hi Dis:

          What wonderful questions and comments.

          Dis, and anyone else who might be reading this exchange of experiences, I think the ‘Big Guys’ or ‘Shining Ones’ appear to many if not most humans born on this earth. In fact, it feels right for me to say they appear to everyone in their childhood here, welcoming all physical humans into their physical existence. They can make this appearance as a physical being that anyone could see, as an apparition that can only be seen by the intended observer, or in a dream state visit. But I think everyone on earth meets them at least once.

          And almost everyone forgets that meeting or has it beaten out of them by the conditioning of this place here now.

          As for adult visitations, I think it happens many many times but is usually on a need basis. The Big Guys are completely aware of the fact that they will be mis-interpreted or mis-understood now. They wait for personal events of great import to make their appearance, usually in times of very high stress or great personal need.

          Here is an example from my own life.

          My mother’s youngest brother, my favorite uncle, was a hard charging man of business in Southern California. He had an MBA and was the plant manager for one of the largest aircraft makers in the area. He was a really big deal and acted like it. He was an arrogant jerk of a guy and treated his wife and children terribly. He joined a religion that made him, as the man of the house, their absolute ruler. Their job was to serve him. He worked long hours, never coming home until late at night or even the next day. We kind of avoided him in those years.

          And then, in one day, he changed. He quit his big job and did almost nothing outside his home for a year. He helped his wife at home and cared for his 2 daughters in school. They bought a new house so he could garden and have beauty around them all the time. They helped homeless children and did all the out-reach activities they could, all done at his urging. After about a year he had to get a new job but instead of a highly stressful job he somehow got a job as the purchasing agent for a savings and loan in California. A job he was completely overqualified for. He barely had to wake up each day to manage that job, and he never worked late or over-time.

          We saw them more, especially me as a young man. He and I played golf together as much as we could. We only lived 20 miles apart so many Saturdays or Sundays he and I would be on the golf course when I had time. He was great fun. But no one had any idea what on earth what had happened to make him do such a 180 degree turn in his life.

          It was 20 years later when he told me what had happened. He had never told anyone, not his wife, not my mother, not anyone that I know of. He told me a story about driving home from work one night at about 1 AM, tired, sleepy and distraught. He had had a doctors appointment that day and the doctor had warned him of impending health, especially heart, issues. He just fell asleep, driving from Long Beach to Pomona. He hit a huge oak tree head on at full highway speed. He said he never knew what happened at all but came to his senses sitting up in the tree he had hit. He had no idea what had happened but could look down and see part of his crushed and mangled body in his wrecked car below him.

          Suddenly, on the tree branch next to him a being of light appeared. My uncle’s description of this being sounded exactly like one of my ‘Big Guys’ to me. Of course my uncle thought it was Jesus but the being never gave himself a name. My uncle asked this being, a male, if he were dead and was told yes, that he was dead and his body was crushed and useless and that soon they would have to leave.

          My uncle said he was very very sad, crying in his non-physical body and already in deep remorse about the unexpected loss of his life. He asked the being of light if there were anything he could do to change the situation. The being told him that there was one possibility and that was to work with this being for awhile to review his life over the last few years. My uncle said he would do anything he could to help change the outcome of where he was then.

          Death is such a great motivator.

          What happened next was my uncle was shown his own actions as an asshole to almost everyone around him over a period of about 10 years. Much the same way as in the Dicken’s Christmas Carol story. The being never commented on these scenes from my uncles life, only presented them back to my uncle. Finally he asked my uncle what would happen if my uncle were given the opportunity to relive those moments of life again. My uncle said he would never again act in such ways and would do everything in his power to become an honorable man and a better husband and father to his family.

          The being told my uncle that he would enjoy working with him to help make that possible. He told my uncle to get ready, that he would help him back into his body. At that moment the body was in pieces almost cut in half by the steering wheel. Also, my uncle could hear the sirens of an ambulance coming but so far no one had stopped to even check on his car. Suddenly my uncle said he could feel himself drawing back into his body, feeling like he was being sucked into it.

          But the body, instead of being broken was completely whole and well. The firemen who came had to cut the door open to get him out but everyone was amazed that there was not one scratch on my uncle. He was taken to the hospital for observation and released the next day. Several old nagging health issues had also disappeared.

          My uncle was reborn and he did change his life. He quit his job, his church and his old way of life. We heard about the auto accident and the fact that he had not been injured. We heard about all the changes he was making in his life and we assumed the accident had been a wake up call to him. No one knew of this story of the light being in the tree with him. The change in his personality was amazing.

          My uncle told me the feelings of love and care coming from this being were almost too much to bear. The sense that this being really did care deeply for my uncle was something that my uncle could feel coming from the being into my uncle. He told me it was overwhelming but my uncle also knew that this feeling from the being had nothing to do with religion and that was why my uncle had to quit his church.

          I knew exactly what he meant.

          I think things like this happens more than we will ever know.

          I think it is very possible for adults to connect with these entities, in fact I think they would welcome such connections. But, as you say, most people have so much BS in the way. Lion Lady has recounted a story on these pages of her meeting one of them at a point of great stress and need in her life. Perhaps she can directly express what it felt like to be in the presence of that being.

          Now as to intent………..

          Not one time in more than 60 years of knowing them, in many different settings with many different physical people, have I ever heard them ask for anything or tell anyone what to do. Never.

          I have heard many physical people try to worship them as if they were holy in some way and the beings will always stop them and tell them to never do that. I have seen many physical people try to pray to them as if they were church gods or angels and the beings will always stop that also. They will completely stop any attempts to try to make them out as ‘above’ or ‘below’. They are not there to ‘serve’ anything.

          The best way I can describe the feeling of the relationship with them is it is like having a really strong, capable and really nice older brother or sister standing next to you. There isn’t a hint of anything religious about them.

          If they do want something from you they will enter discussions, negotiations and agreements with you just like a business partner. They will never just tell you what to do.

          I really don’t think they have any intent other than to help if needed or desired. They do not need anything from us at all. We are their children and they wish the best for us but know how difficult that is for us since they know we have to learn how on our own. That learning how on our own was their main message to us as children.


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        The Urban Pepper



        Good evening, you say These Big Guys are not easy to mistake for some ephemeral ghost that you might glimpse out of the corner of your eye for a second on a dark night. These guys are 6’-9” tall and as powerful as stone, with laughing eyes and huge smiles and hand shakes and back slaps. All the while glowing like the sun. My question is how do we know if we meet one? I think I may have had an experience a few months ago and I would like to know more.

        Mr. Pepper

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          On the Beach

          Hi Mr. Pepper:

          Thank you for your question and comment here.

          One of the ‘jobs’ inherent in expanded consciousness is to be able to identify some of the entities we are liable to run into, both here in the physical and also in other places. It is very important that we learn how to do this so we remain in control of ourselves and our experiences. So what is important is for you to take your experience apart, carefully bit by bit, so you can better understand what was going on.

          Actually, this thing, these connections, is why I wrote my essay series The Antidote. It is very difficult to do this personal examination of some of these events in our lives now because we are taught that all these things do not exist. That is a very cleaver thing that some not nice entities have done so they can hide in plain site and get away with all sorts of damage without questions.

          So my suggestion is to write your own story out on what you experienced, in as great a detail as possible, especially focusing on how you felt about the experience and as much detail as possible on the entity you experienced.

          A ‘Big Guy’ in a physical manifestation as I have described is almost impossible to mistake for anything else. They are completely striking in both appearance and emotion. But there can be many entities you can meet and it is important to know what and how to act in those meetings. I will get into this in great detail in several of my following essays.

          Perhaps I should make a new sub-forum here where people can enter their own experiences and meetings with the non-physical. These can be very important, life changing in magnitude like my story of my uncle, and would be important for everyone in their sharing. They happen much more often than people are willing to talk about, but personally I think it is vital to connect with these events in our lives and to not dismiss or diminish them.


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      Thank you OntheBeach for taking the time to tell us about your experiences and to answer our questions. I really appreciate it.

      I’ll be thinking about all this when I’m ‘out and about’ this week. Pretty sure I’ll have more questions for you next week.

      "There is a dream dreaming all of us." ~ Kalahari Bushmen

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      Hello On the Beach:

      I’m overwhelmed with the ease and energetic enthusiasm of your coming out so full front with this forum. My heartiest congratulations and very, very deep appreciation for the opportunity to hear so much directly from you and in your ‘straight on’ manner.

      I don’t think that I am much different than the next person on this blog in wanting to get hooked up with any ‘Big Person’ of your recommendation. I say that reservation, because of your consistent warnings in your writings here on TIF about the presence of -how do you say it…not so nice entities. I haven’t given much energy to learning defenses in my searches for connection, but have remembered from my reading that every entity of good-will always warns of their existence.

      I want to ask about what you described as a personal attack from one of these entities of harmful intent, and then about your thoughts for any of us who may be encouraged to more actively pursue our own contact with one from your family or friends of your family or whomever may be out there for us in a safe manner.

      Having said that, I don’t want to become too far off base and so I would like to ask if this is something that you have discussed with your ‘Big Guys’, and if so, what is your read on their take of your presenting your relationship with them to us “Floers”?

      I feel the strength of your convictions and your good will in all that you have said to me and the others and am honored by your choosing us with whom to share your world-class uniqueness and will work hard to be a positive helping contributor in any way that I can. Even to responding positively to being told to shut up as my best contribution.

      My heartfelt thanks for your being, OtB


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        On the Beach

        Hello Glynn:

        You have such kind words for me.

        I am actually very glad that I found the strength, at this late moment in my life, to put these words from my experiences out for more to read and hopefully connect with. They come from deep inside me and are my gift to everyone. They are meant as one way among many to encourage and assist each person in regaining themselves in this hard time.

        The issue of bad guys is a very difficult issue for me personally. Even though my Big Guy entities told us there were bad guys around but nothing like ‘devils’ or ‘satan’ in those religious contexts we just never experienced non-physical bad guys At least I never did, so in my whole life of non-physical experiences I started to discount their existence. I started to think in terms of ‘bad guys’ just being very misguided recent physicals still under the thrall of their negative physical experiences.

        I would read some other person’s account of meeting a really bad guy and would dismiss it and probably all other words written by that person.

        All that changed when I was physically attacked in a lucid dream by a really bad guy. For the first time in my life. It was a very sobering experience and I had no idea what had happened or why. After the attack, which ended only because I ‘killed’ my attacker, I had to go back to all the literature I had rejected and learn stuff I had no real interest in learning.

        Possibly I will recount that attack here in another posting sometime.

        But, first let me say that here on earth we know and understand about bad guys and we learn how to avoid them or overcome them in a number of different ways. The same condition exists for the very next non-physical place most of us will go to out of this physical place. So if we can learn how to avoid bad guys here we can learn how to identify and avoid bad guys in the non-physical also. Plus, there are many many places in this infinite universe where such entities do not exist and can not exist.

        I dedicated the very next essay in my series ‘The Antidote’ to exactly this issue of bad guys. Just wait a few days and CD will post it and you will see what I have to say about this very important issue.

        None of these words of mine would exist in this space or any other space without the encouragement of CD a few years ago. He talked me into writing out my story and that became a series of decisions on my part to share some parts of that story with all of you here. CD has made all of this possible in many ways and I am deeply grateful to both of them.


    • #8275

      Thank you, Oda’B, seriously;

      As about lucid dreaming, I have read several how-to’s after finding references to it in my pursuits and have flirted with it on several occasions purposefully. However, the advice that I gleaned from authors whom I found were most relevant to who I was and what/where I wanted to go, were very guarded about recommending it and so I backed away from involvement. But, I’m really interested to know more about your take on it as to your experiences in it’s regard, and what role it played in your relating with your Big Guys.  Were lucid dreams how you traveled with your companions?

      Hey, I may be getting far off topic for you here, so another time, another day, another way – it’s up to you. I have so much interest in your relationships with your Big Guys. I am interested in how you feel that you are different from the person that you might have been had you not received their influence, and why you to begin with, for sure.

      Our 12 hour time difference is starting to take a toll on my sleep pattern. I was up till almost 4am the other night working my horrible keyboard skills with freezing fingers ;>)



      • #8276
        On the Beach

        Hello Glynn:

        Please feel free to ask away. There is no agenda here in this space except sharing.

        First your question: Why me? I have no idea. But I honestly don’t think what I experienced is too extraordinary. It is just that in my case the experience fell on fertile ground in that my parents supported it and I accepted it. The experience was allowed to grow. I know that I am not special in any way at all.

        You second question about lucid dreaming.

        This is actually a huge topic all on its own and one I have not yet really addressed in any of my essays. And not sure I will too much either. Before we can decide on a definition of lucid dreaming we have to decide on what dreams are in general and what the entire experience of dreaming represents. This is a really big topic.

        And I wonder why these other authors of yours cautioned against lucid dreaming? What was their concern?

        Without creating a 100 page essay on the dream state, lucid dreaming for me is when I am physically conscious, present and physically aware of being in the dreaming body and of using my dreaming consciousness while in the dream state. This means that a portion, perhaps a rather large portion, of my physical consciousness is actively aware and operating in the dream time state. This does carry a risk since that physical portion of my awareness could then be damaged by something that might happen in the dream state, if it were traumatic enough. Damage to our physical consciousness is possible, even up to and including physical body loss through dream state trauma.

        Is this what your other authors were worried about?

        I would say that about 50% of my interaction with the Big Guys in my life has been in lucid dreams with the other 50% being in out of body travel that had nothing at all to do with sleep or dreams. In those travels a Big Guy will appear physically to me and ask if I wanted to take a trip. If I said yes they would reach out their hand to me as if to shake hands. I would reach up and take their hand but in all cases the hand I used was not my material hand. It was some other body I had access to. As soon as I touched their hand I would leave my body and we would zoom off to where ever they wanted to take me.

        Don’t ask me how to do this because I honestly have no idea. It just happens. The trip away was always fast and I never saw my body. I usually would see my body when I returned though and it appeared to be sleeping but these trips did not start with sleep. In some cases I was standing up and somehow my physical body managed to lay down after I had already consciously left. My family would say it appeared I was sleeping and occasionally I would be recalled for a phone call or something like that but usually they just let me ‘sleep’. I suspect I was in some sort of trance state.

        I hope this helps answer your questions.

        Do you know of and use Skype? A free way to make real time phone calls via the internet. Might help your frozen fingers!


    • #8280

      Many thanks, Od’B (Please accept my colloquialism of your nom de plume, it “floes” thru my alleged mind so much easier without that hard ‘T’);

      Your use of the term ‘lucid’ fits everything that I have read or understood, but did I understand above that a.) you can initiate contact with your Big Guy during lucid dreaming, b.) Big Guys initiate contact, or c.) both occur? What was the chronology of this occurring for you? How did you get introduced to lucid dreaming?

      The why of any warnings has escaped me and my books are packed away and unavailable, but my memory of it had to do with warnings that very complicated scenarios could arise that might leave a person’s psyche locked in places without an ability to exit. Or, maybe it was just some ass-covering that the publisher’s lawyers insisted on being in place. It did remind me of similar warnings circulating about LSD, back in tha’ days, so until I uncover my books, it’s an open question. But then, weren’t any warnings to you about “…not nice entities” an open question to you prior to actual confrontation, and maybe there is some similarities within this analogy.

      I still remember a very vivid, but not lucid, dream where I protectively stepped in the line of fire from a roof sniper shooting at my wife, very dreamy stuff,  and when the bullet impacted me I woke up having screamed  “NO, NO”  just prior to impact, waking my wife ! That is sorta’ a built-in safe-guard with regular dreaming as I can remember ever hearing / reading about, the waking up at any death experience.  Now, if an experience like that lucidly went on into the after-death experience what do you think would happen ? Just wondering from an inexperienced perspective is all? My experience is just in having a boring or repetitious dream and stopping it and going to something else, whenever I have tried to bring up dead friends or relatives, – nowhere. I was thinking tho’, of the possibility of trying to bring forth the prior image of an entity as maybe a stronger connection than I am able to do meditatively. Am I exposing my ignorance about all of this by any chance? It would be no surprise what-some-ever if that’s the case, since I so truly am.

      My best wishes,







      • #8308
        On the Beach

        Hello @Glynn:

        Sorry for the delay getting back to you and your recent questions. I will do my best to answer them.

        Your use of the term ‘lucid’ fits everything that I have read or understood, but did I understand above that a.) you can initiate contact with your Big Guy during lucid dreaming, b.) Big Guys initiate contact, or c.) both occur? What was the chronology of this occurring for you? How did you get introduced to lucid dreaming?

        Usually the Big Guys contact me when they want to communicate. But I can also contact them any time I want. They are always there. If they want to contact me when I am in a dreaming state I will almost always instantly become lucid, recognizing what is going on with my awake physical mind plus my dreaming consciousness. These instances are always intensely focused and full of information, nothing ‘dream like’ about them.

        I have always been able to recognize lucid dreaming and the qualitative difference between that mental state and normal dreaming. The fact that some people do not lucid dream was a surprise for me. The experience for me when lucid dreaming is exactly the same as a normal physical experience. There is no real qualitative difference. The only areas of difference between lucid dreaming and normal awake mental state for me is that some experiences in the dream state just to not directly translate to the physical and must be interpreted in some way, sometimes rather strange ways.

        I am almost always in a lucid dream state when I am working while dreaming. My normal work at this time involves transition states between physical and non-physical states and requires me to be aware in both conscious states.

        The why of any warnings has escaped me and my books are packed away and unavailable, but my memory of it had to do with warnings that very complicated scenarios could arise that might leave a person’s psyche locked in places without an ability to exit.

        My understanding is that it is possible for the awake physical portion of your consciousness that is in the lucid state with your non-physical consciousness when dreaming to become trapped in that state if something traumatic were to happen in very specific ways. Normally we just physically wake up, pulling our lucid awake portion back into our physical consciousness. But in very specific cases, usually in forms of direct attack of some sort, it is possible for the non-physical be come damaged so that the physical lucid portion is not able to return to the physical body. It would then appear that the physical body would fall into a coma state and just not wake up. Usually the physical side thinks the body has had a stroke while asleep.

        But then, weren’t any warnings to you about “…not nice entities” an open question to you prior to actual confrontation, and maybe there is some similarities within this analogy.

        In my case, when attacked in a lucid dream, there was no confrontation, no warning at all of any kind. I was in a place known to me to be very safe, secure and happy. It was a completely well thought out and very stealthy sneak attack coming at me from my rear instantaneously. I had no chance at all to wake up. I had a second to defend myself or I would have been killed. That was the intended result. In that first second I was able to combine my lucid physical and my non-physical consciousness into an awareness of what was happening and how to defend myself. I did defend myself and utterly destroyed my attacker, very dead. The entire event then turned into a huge drama as one of the Big Guys took over and did confront a second attacker who was lurking at my rear. I was completely out of any control at that point and was only an observer of this confrontation and drama.

        The very few times previously I have found myself in dangerous or confrontational situation while dreaming I have always had time to call for assistance. No one attacks a Big Guy. This attack was designed specifically to overcome that defense. It was well thought out and well planned and well executed and if I had hesitated even 1/2 second I would not be writing this to you now.

        The experience completely changed my attitude toward ‘bad guys’ and I have had to look at that whole issue very differently.

        Now, if an experience like that lucidly went on into the after-death experience what do you think would happen ?

        You did defend yourself by waking up. This was enough in the dream experience you were having.

        My experience is just in having a boring or repetitious dream and stopping it and going to something else, whenever I have tried to bring up dead friends or relatives, – nowhere. I was thinking tho’, of the possibility of trying to bring forth the prior image of an entity as maybe a stronger connection than I am able to do meditatively. Am I exposing my ignorance about all of this by any chance? It would be no surprise what-some-ever if that’s the case, since I so truly am.

        What you are describing is absolutely the easiest way to connect to another non-physical entity but it involves skills that most people do not have. You have to be able to know how to be lucid in your dreaming state and manipulate that state so your physical consciousness is able to direct your non-physical consciousness to make this connection. This is very very possible. You are already able to affect your non-physical dreaming consciousness if you are able to force changes in your dreams. Just keep at it. Dream journals are a good way to start, just remembering dreams will help you get better and better at managing your dream state awareness.

        I think I will create a ‘Dream State’ forum if there is enough interest in the subject.

    • #8286

      @ On the Beach

      A couple of further questions for you.

      1. Have you, in your interactions with the ‘big guys’, ever discussed origins…theirs and ours?

      2. When you communicate with the ‘big guys’ is it verbal(as in speaking to and hearing with with your physical body), or as I suspect, more of a telepathic nature??

      "There is a dream dreaming all of us." ~ Kalahari Bushmen

      • #8309
        On the Beach

        Hi @Dis:

        Welcome back. So glad to see you made it out and back safely.

        I’m going to answer your 2 questions in 2 separate posts because they are big: Origins and communications.

        I hope that will make any follow up discussions easier to track.


    • #8310
      On the Beach

      Hi @Dis:


      Have you, in your interactions with the ‘big guys’, ever discussed origins…theirs and ours?

      Oh Dis, you fell into the deep end of the pool on this question. There are at least 3 questions in what you are asking: origin of it all, origin of the Big Guys and our origin. I can only really answer one of those 3 from my direct experience.

      I think this discussion really gets into speculative ‘metaphysics’, which I don’t like too much. But then I understand the interest and curiosity.

      I have had this talk and it is not an easy discussion as it relates to the origin of the universe. I think the reason for that is our limited, very limited, perspectives coming from our focus in this physical place. We think things have to ‘start’ and ‘stop’ because of our sense of time, We think things have to have definite sizes and shapes because of our focus on material elements. We think everything has to come from somewhere.

      I’m not sure those things really have meanings and I think the actual reality is beyond our understanding. This huge physical universe we inhabit is only one of many that have certain design parameters. There are as many universes as consciousness can create design parameters for. Which one was first and how? I’m not sure anyone knows. I know I only got a smile for an answer when I asked that question.

      I was told that this physical place was created by another consciousness. I was told that this other consciousness was so distant and different and strange that it was almost impossible to contact and difficult to communicate with. The relationship between this consciousness and the Big Guys was described to me in terms very similar to what is described in the Gnostic documents: Originator and Generators.

      Where did the Big Guys come from? Only a smile for an answer to that one. But I think that smile was enigmatic on purpose; to encourage my own exploration of the possible answers to that question. The reality is there does not seem to be any beginning of anything except for the beginning of self-aware consciousness. And there does not appear to be any end at all to the possible progression of awareness. In our terms it is infinitely long and infinitely full of possibility, which is meaningless to us in our terms. I think it is a mistake to think of these very difficult issues in terms of chicken and egg. I think that is a perceptual error on our part.

      So I can only fall back on my own experience of the origin of my own consciousness. I was created as a non-physical consciousness to explore this universe on my own terms. Created in love and care and kindness as a child. I have directly experienced this connection to my creator. But, I am unique and on my own as an individual creature. I exist as a conscious portion of my creator and also as a separate and sovereign entity outside my creator. I can explore the universe on my own and also jointly with my creator. It is a deeply intimate yet separate relationship. As a physical I can only really be aware of one side of this relationship; my side. It is enough for me to know of the other side. My job, my responsibility is to learn on my own. I gain from my learning and my creator learns from my experiences. What we both will do with that relationship will depend on what we both agree to do and what we want to do. Nothing is fixed and determined.

      I think the entity I come from comes from another in a similar way. Impossibly ancient in our terms.
      My impression is that all beings in this physical universe are created here in similar ways but not at all from one entity. There will be no all going back into one. It is hopelessly more complex than that, which is part of the beauty of this place and all the relationships and connections.

      We have no experience of anything outside of our own consciousness, our own aware perceptions. As our perceptions grow, so does our awareness, so does our consciousness. The truth of all origins lies inside consciousness, not outside of it. This is very difficult to grapple with. It is very much a chicken and egg situation yet we live with it and learn from it and grow everyday within this dynamic.

      I am sorry I was not able to write out a simple story. I don’t think there is one. I think this issue of origins is beyond our capacity to understand. And I think there are many other ‘origins’ depending on the entity you might be speaking with.


    • #8311
      On the Beach

      Hi @Dis:


      When you communicate with the ‘big guys’ is it verbal(as in speaking to and hearing with with your physical body), or as I suspect, more of a telepathic nature??

      The answer to this question depends on the nature of the meeting. If it is a purely physical meeting, sitting around a table, drinking a beer together and chatting, they will just use words.

      But if I am meeting them in the non-physical they will usually speak in huge and very fast gestalts of telepathic information. This is very very difficult. As a physical being it is impossible to catch it all at one time. They will pour information into you using every sense you have all at one time. It might take years to sort it out, carefully teasing apart what starts out like feelings, looking for all the channels of information carried in those feelings. And a very big part of the problem of sorting this information out will be that some of it might not have any direct words or concepts or even correlation in the physical.

      John Lash talks about getting these huge flows of information in some of his writings.

      I know when I have been with several of them at once they will be able to communicate like this simultaneously with each other. The amount and complexity of information passed between them is beyond comprehension.

      I’ve often felt that part of the communication process on their part was a test, a learning experience so to speak, on my part. Many times they will pour one of these waterfalls of information into me and then stop and speak a few words as a sort of hint leading to a code buster for me. It will then be up to me to tear into the communication and experientially come to terms with it and do my best to understand it.

      But if they really want me to understand something they will speak in words, either verbally or mentally. Our lessons as children were always in words.


    • #8323

      Thanks OtB, I’ll have to reread your replies over several times and ponder on them(especially on origins). Maybe I’m asking questions for which I don’t yet have the capabilities of understanding the answers. Or as might be said in my other life, “All mouth and no ears,”  so to speak…

      "There is a dream dreaming all of us." ~ Kalahari Bushmen

    • #8350

      @ OtB  re;   # 8308

      Please help me understand how I can follow your earlier advise to me about something-or-other for me to be gentle to myself, when you are, in rapid-fire succession, giving me months, if not years of work to do to realize my own solutions to whatever questions that I may have asked you. There isn’t much gentle about my journey as it seems that the further I try to go, the behinder I get.

      I lovingly view your responses as encouragements and am in awe as to the beauty and love that comes through with each and every one from the openness and straight forwardness of your answers. I will always be indebted to you for allowing me into your life through your writing.

      My hand is up as high as I can stretch it to indicate my interest in you opening a dream state forum.

      Thank you for these truly beautiful answers, and I will now begin my written transcripting so that I can carry your suggestions with me as I dig my septic systems, chase parts for my randomly appearing workers and re-do most of what gets done in my absence. You know the drill, doing something different from the way ‘they do it here’. Dreaming may be my best shot as ‘real life’ seems to be getting a little ‘compressed’ for me, and it effects my energies and ability to focus for in-depth periods of meditation.

      I will begin tonight to try what you suggested to me above, and thank you so very much.

      Glynn & his 3 Dog Nights

      PS to my fellow forumer’s – I have 3 dogs and they have 1/2 of my double bed at night. They wake up early and slowly since every night is cold here. We all take about an hour to gently and lovingly spend time with each other and I view it as a gift to me to experience this time with these angels before getting on into my days. These dogs personify pure love, and for a stranger in a strange land, it is some blessing to receive every morning.

      • #8358
        On the Beach

        Oh @Glynn:

        I am so so sorry if my words have made your life more complicated in anyway.

        I will create a ‘dream’ thread for us to talk about dreams. I did not mean to introduce another complication in your life. Digging a septic system is bad enough!

        Please do whatever it is that is easiest for you, most comfortable in your present situation, when you want to expand yourself. Be gentle, don’t strive. Remember you actually do not need a single word for your body to function very well in this life. Usually we need to let go of lots of words we have learned just to start forward again. Please be gentle with this path.

        I bet your three buddies there are helping you be gentle with yourself.


    • #9447

      Hello OtB:

      I’m back again with a question that has been in the background of my awareness of spirit energies interacting with physicals, but now has become much more complex with all of this focus on John L. Lash’s more mythological and grander state of affairs, and your own equally big-time, ‘Big Guys’ also, of course.

      I am getting to where I could use clarification about levels or gradient qualities as well as numbers that make up the players from the spirit cast of characters that are in contact with physicals, most generally through mediums. There are those spirits that lay claim to have been physicals and now there are those , such as your ‘Big Guys” and the whole cast of ‘Wars’, so can you break this down a little bit for me?

      • #9451
        On the Beach

        Hi @Glynn:

        I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me this question. Waiting in dread actually. If you recall my essays, I never get close to a discussion of this issue at all. And the reason is it is very complicated and involves lots of metaphysics I was trying to avoid.

        But you asked and I will answer, as best I know how. Please give me a couple days to work on this issue. There are volumes and volumes of books written on this exact issue: the relationship between physical and non-physical entities and what is all means.


      • #9453
        On the Beach

        Hi @Glynn:

        OK, here we go.

        To even begin to understand an answer to your question we must talk about ourselves: our physical consciousness, our larger non-local non-physical consciousness and how these are formed and how they relate to each other. We need to discuss this so the rest of the panoply of characters possible in your question can be understood. When I talk about this subject I am going to say some things that the New Age and Eastern religion people are not going to like at all, but I will really try to explain the complexities of these relationships. I really don’t like this discussion because in a way it tends to focus physicals away from the physical into a kind of dreaming about what it is like to be non-physical.

        At some point in the existence of a non-physical consciousness it might be possible for that entity to experience a life in the physical as a human being. The non-physical entity will discuss this with a group of other entities to see if they want to experience some drama together. They will create the outline of a drama, a play, so to speak. There will be assistants present to help these entities make this all possible.

        Of course, in the case of a human being, a mother and father physical must be chosen and become part of the drama. All these plans are roughed out in the non-physical before the new physical human is even conceived.
        Conception of the new physical being actually involves three sets of parents. There is the physical mother and father and the non-physical entity who donates a portion of its consciousness to this new physical entity. The non-physical parent creates a consciousness in the non-physical that will be used by the new physical being. This consciousness will be formed with certain traits and abilities, but usually never more than the non-physical parent might already posses. The physical mother and father each contribute one half of the physical genomic content required by life and this contribution will also be influenced by the desires of the non-physical being who has created the new consciousness and also any physical traits the whole group wants the new entity to have.

        The new physical entity develops and both its physical consciousness grows, contributing to the non-physical consciousness located in the non-local space. At some point the physical development is mature enough to receive the full power of the non-physical consciousness. This is a step by step process with each type of consciousness influencing the other. This cross influencing condition never ends for all of physical life.

        The human brain is the transceiver for this process. In fact the main function of the human brain is for communication between the physical and non-physical consciousness.

        Please note a very important point. This new consciousness, this new spirit, although formed by conscious intent by a non-physical entity, has become a new and totally unique and separate individual entity. It is connected to the creator entity by communication but is in no way limited in action in any way by the creator entity. This new consciousness will grow and develop under the influences of the genetic contribution of its physical parents and the environment it grows in. It will become its own being.

        This new spirit is unique and totally reflective of the physical place and time of its existence. All non-physical entities from earth are formed in this way. Each non-physical entity is unique and can not be born into a body again. They can only create a new and totally unique and separate spirit, a new life so to speak. The whole idea of reincarnation through many physical lives over linear time is a misunderstanding based on the fact that memories are shared from the child creation up into the parent creators of the new entities. No one has lived many lives. As a non-physical entity we only live one physical life. We just share the memories through our creator non-physical parent and at some time we will also have the opportunity to create a new physical consciousness and experience physical life through that new being.

        So when you connect to your larger ‘non-physical self’ what are you connecting to? Well there are several possibilities. You can literally connect to your own self in the non-physical. This portion of you is much much larger and more knowledgeable than you are and has much greater experiences as donated by the parent entity. The problem with this connection in these days is you as a physical being might not be able to recognize what it is you are connected to because it will ‘sound’ so much like yourself, your normal ‘Awake Mental Voice’. This connection is actually going on all the time on a normal and regular basis but we usually don’t know about it and in these terrible days have no knowledge of our non-physical self anyway.

        You could connect to your parent entity. This entity is not you and will feel ‘different’ to you but close, like a parent or relative here on earth.

        Or you could connect to one of your assistant entities. These might be a parent, some levels removed, or could be completely separate from your identity altogether.

        Or you could connect to an entity completely separate from you such as the consciousness of a tree or Sophia Herself. This sort of a connection will be the most easily recognized for being outside your normal mental voice and will usually involve strong emotional feelings.

        Sorting out the levels of relationships you have with your larger parent entity and its other children is just not important while you are a physical. In fact this whole concept of soul and over-soul is a distraction and why I did not talk about it in the essays. You are physical and should stay focused in the physical. Connect to the non-physical as a source of aid and knowledge and strength. But, let go of all these levels and layers of relationships and complexity we can ‘t hope to comprehend anyway. They just aren’t important.

        And then there is the whole issue of being able to operate as a non-physical in non-linear time and how complex all that makes this story I am telling. The universe is truly infinite and our potential for experience in this universe is infinite.

        It is enough to know you are unique and will remain unique and can go on to do anything in this universe that you can learn how to do. As a non-physical entity, these connections to other portions of yourself will become available to you and add more richness and variety to your life. This act of creating a new entity through a manifestation on earth is never done without deeply serious and careful intent.

        OK, so this characterizes the entities created from a life as a human. But there are many many other entities you can connect to. Just look out into a cloudless night sky and know you are only seeing a very few of our own galaxy’s stars, not including all the other galaxies we can not see with our naked eyes, and imagine how many entities there must be. Many of these have never been human on earth at all. And then there are all the entities that have never been physical at all because they can’t be physical. There is a richness and profundity to life that is beyond understanding. Some come from realities we can barely comprehend. The only means test to any of these entities is our ability to communicate to each other in some way.

        Personally I think connection to a non-physical consciousness in Nature is the best and easiest way to learn about your greater non-physical self.


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