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    Hello House Biscuit,


    Yes, dusty is better than full of spooks and operatives. And I’m not sure what ‘real’ is, but I bleed when poked. ;-)

    Mrs. Cog and I have worked hard to create our own reality. And while it’s a lot of work to maintain, it’s certainly worth it.

    Rabbit holes are amazing. By the time you poke your head out to figure out where you are, it really doesn’t matter where you started.

    I still manage significant family money, so it’s hard to avoid the news completely because in order to trade and invest, one must remain somewhat plugged it. But Mrs. Cog insists I do a brain scrub weekly to keep the cooties under control.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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    Our current Governments rob of us a will to do better, be better and expand our consciousness; to be not only better persons but to make a better world for us all.

    So many people lack the capacity or imagination (or courage) to recognize where we presently are and where we are headed. Many have allowed themselves to be paralyzed (neutralized) into the left/right or Dem/Rep paradigm that they are essentially useless eaters and political pawns.

    So sad.


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    I had no idea Dawn dish washing detergent was so effective. Thanks for the tip.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: PASSING on GAS – we prefer wood fires #15243

    I saw some of the pictures while your project was in process and would love to see more, including a description of what was involved and how you did it.

    Cognitive Dissonance

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    Our last child is just off to college this weekend. Though she has been traveling to see friends and family this summer, allowing us to experiment with being together and childless for the first time. At least for Mrs. Cog. We came together 5 years ago and I am older than Mrs. Cog, so I have already been down this path.

    Even though the rest of our children are older, ranging from the low twenties to the mid thirties, the texts still come in fast and furious. And with it the imported drama that the present generation of young adults seem desperate to stir up and wallow in.

    This is not to say our generation didn’t produce, and still produces, its own share of high drama and suspense. It seems to be a rite of passage many never grow out of……or grow up from. But the present generation, with its always connected to friends and family but never really communicating, devices and mentality, it seems everyone is seeking affirmation and confirmation from the local herd they have attached themselves to. And when received, even more is craved and desired.

    Sounds like just another addiction to me. And so the downward spiral into the abyss continues.


    Cognitive Dissonance

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    My first year on ZH as a contributing editor was brutal. Because I rarely write articles about finance or financials, and ZH was originally exclusively financial, the general reception was not pretty. People were vicious.

    During that first year I developed a thick skin and my standard approach. I always attempt to take the high road and not respond to anger or personal attacks. Instead I thank them for their response and move on. At first this just inflamed people all the more. But eventually they realized I wasn’t a flash in the pan and I was consistent in my message and my demeanor.

    Most of the trolls slowly dissipated and what was left is usually an interesting comment section. And I always gain a new perspective from the comment section under my articles.

    in reply to: Introductions #14522

    Frankie Carbone,


    Mrs Cog and I thought long and hard about how to keep out the disruptors and hijackers when we were setting up this place. We came to the same conclusion, that a paid site was the only way to maintain a high quality of discourse.

    I fully understand the Tyler’s need to pay the bills and themselves. They put up a huge amount of content. But unless and until the comment section is moderated, the only place it can go is downhill.

    Welcome to the insane asylum.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Introductions #14092

    Johnny RB,

    ZH has become very tiresome and I spend less and less time there of late. The greater the popularity of ZH, the lower the common denominator becomes.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Introductions #14081

    Welcome Johnny (Medium Rare) Roast Beef,

    I do remember you saying in the ZH thread you would sign up. In fact I mentioned it to Mrs. Cog. So welcome and thank you. Kick back and enjoy the trip.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Fiat Problems #13710

    Got Milk?………er……..Gold and Silver?

    <We do understand it ain’t that simple……right?>


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Introductions #13612


    So happy to hear you wish to keep us updated on your new adventure. I am certain all, including yourself, will benefit from your work here on TIF. Please email Mrs Cog at twoicefloes at gmail dot com for instructions on setting up your own thread.

    And once again….welcome!

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Introductions #13606


    Hello and welcome. Long time CD lurkers are always a treat to meet. :-)

    Regarding the shipping container home………we would love for you to submit regular updates on its progress. Mrs. Cog can set you up with your own thread where you can regale us with updates and photos…..especially photos.

    Please consider doing so if for no other reason than to share your learning curve and experiences so others may learn. Plus the ability to publicly share your trials and tribulations is actually spiritually uplifting and emotionally cathartic. I know I feel less isolated when I share with others, even if only on a blog of like minded people.

    You can contact Mrs. Cog at twoicefloes at Please seriously consider doing so. I for one would be fascinated to learn how you build a home out of shipping containers and I suspect others would be as well. You could start with the process you used to clear the land and create the documents needed to get the building permits.

    Please say yes.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #13572

    High Desert,

    I am always amazed how, despite painstakingly intensive research and preparation, the learning cure is nearly always extremely rocky and steep. My deepest personal disappointments usually spring from others who, either through carelessness or simply a lack of care and concern, provide inaccurate or misleading information. It seems at times the only way to do something (new) correctly is to become an expert before the fact. Unfortunately the critical missing component of any deeply researched endeavor is often the lack of experience. This is precisely when the school of hard knocks comes calling.

    From what I can discern from your continuing updates you have a resourceful and flexible mind combined with the drive and initiative to do whatever it takes to finish the project……and finish it well to boot. Bravo!!! While I am fairly certain you entertain moments of doubt and self questioning, do not consider those attributes to be weaknesses of character. Instead, recognize them as critical core strengths most do not possess. You and your wife are more than ‘just’ survivors, so much more. You are reality creators of the highest order and it is a privilege to host your updates on our website and an honor to know both of you publicly and privately.

    Please………keep the updates coming.

    Thank you,

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Take A Walk on the Wild(life) Side #13250

    Nice. Everyone should have a 30 mile view of majestic mountains. The world would certainly be less crazy if we all were more closely connected to Mother Nature.

    Nice thought….but not realistic. At least not today.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Escalation Towards War #13202

    There is no doubt this ‘unwind’ has taken far longer than most aware people ever expected. I suspect the speed of decline with progress exponentially from here. In fact it always has been on an exponential curve. But just like compounding interest, all the fun comes at the end and not the beginning.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Take A Walk on the Wild(life) Side #13201

    We have harmless to humans but vital to nature black snakes around here. I’ve seen them as long as six feet and as much as 4 inches in diameter at the thickest part.

    Noticed the compost decking in the background. Did you build the deck yourself or did it come with the place?

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Solar Hydroponics 2015 #13200

    Are you building the greenhouse from scratch or using some type of kit or plans?

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #13085

    While it must be very warm in there during the summer, even with the sun shade installed, it will be a glorious place to plop in the winter. I fully expect pictures in 6 months of plants growing while there is two feet of snow outside. :-)

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #12827

    I’ve been reading your posts long enough to never doubt what you say. I am impressed the “D” clip didn’t self destruct. :-)

    I like that you bench tested the the entire contraption as a unit in order to discover any weak links.

    I assume the shade cloth allows some air to pass through when the wind blows, thereby mitigating the ‘sail’ effect?

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #12822

    A very impressive and well thought out solution. Though it remains to be seen how well it all holds up when the wind comes blowing with hurricane force. I suspect you will be fine. The bench test with the 60lb vice convinced me you were thinking worst case scenario. :-)

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #12708


    Have you calculated the total energy draw the new greenhouse will have when all the fans and other devices are operational? You said the greenhouse has its own PV system. Do you mean its own solar panels, batteries, charge controller and inverter?

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Connecting With Each Other #12577

    Most people, and nearly all domesticated animals, can ‘read’ our suppressed inner anger and they react accordingly regardless of the smiling facade we hang outside.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Looking for advice on detaching #12471

    Even when we break from the mold we still seem to feel the need to find, and receive, affirmation. And not just once or twice, but on a constant basis. This is how deep our cultural conditioning is and remains. It is a core dependency that is exploited and manipulated.

    Thanks for your comment. There is no magic bullet or formula for breaking free. It’s one step at a time forward with a few steps back for perspective and learning.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #12271

    Wow! Lots of progress made on the greenhouse. Let me study the pictures and text and I will return with questions galore.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Tiny Houses #12100

    High Desert.

    There appears to be a thriving subculture of people interested in designing, building and living in ‘tiny homes‘. A fascinating subject.

    And I agree with your assessment of Mrs. Cog and her writing. She is a natural communicator and quite inspiring to watch, read and learn from. Plus I get the added benefit of living with her as well. Hands down she is the best thing to ever ‘happen‘ to me.  :-)

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Solar Hydroponics 2015 #12099

    Nice job Urban Pepper. It looks like you did a good job water proofing the solar component enclosures, not an easy task by any means. I found when building my own photovoltaic system it is the thousand and one details that consumes so much time and fiat.

    I suspect after building your first system you have become quite proficient and will be able to build the second/expanded system twice as fast. I tend to learn from doing, particularly from my mistakes.  Brings to mind that old saying….”What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”.

    My compliments to the chef……you. :-)

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Capital Controls #11941

    Mrs. Cog said……“Capital controls are spun politically as a good thing……”

    My all time favorite is when someone in ‘authority’ helpfully informs us they are “doing it for the children“. However when the Federal Reserve is the ‘authority’ they modify that sentence to the following.

    “We are doing it for the super rich elite children.”

    I feel their pain dawg.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #11888

    High Desert,

    Thank you for the update and images.

    I assume you used cedar either for the aesthetics and/or the rot resistance? Did you screw or nail them together? Looks like screws.

    Where do you find 60 sheets of 1 1/2 foil backed insulation to re-purpose? It looks like you detached the diagonal brace in order to install the insulation, then reinstalled. Correct?

    Is the doorway wide enough to bring in a cart pulled by something motorized or will you need to wheelbarrow in all that dirt?

    Why use bubble wrap? Maybe because it is translucent?

    Once again I assume that wood stove is for illustration purposes only and an EPA compliant stove will be installed in the future? :-)

    In the middle of the summer will you have enough airflow through the greenhouse to keep temps down below the melting point of aluminum? :-) Seriously though what do you expect for temps inside during the summer?

    Are you worried about high moisture levels inside during the winter….or any other time for that matter? My concern is mold growing between the insulation and the north wall as well as in other places.

    Where do you find 38 used 55 gallon drums? Did you need to clean them first? What were they previously used for? Do you have an oil well on the property? :-)

    What is the significance of the multi colored flags hanging from the ceiling?

    I clicked the link and look at all the photos. You are meticulous in your work. Nice to see someone else doing quality work simply because they can and thus really should.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Don't Forget The Garbage #11686


    Spoken like a true princess who rarely take the garbage outside to the trash cans and only very rarely hauls the trash cans up the hill to the side of the dirt road. Always easy to pontificate about stinky waste when you ain’t knee deep in doo doo. :-)

    Besides, today was the regular trash collection day so their was no ‘hope‘, only the expectation that the normal trash pickup would occur as scheduled since there has been no snow or sub-zero cold in nearly a week. Considering some of the previously frozen garbage bags in the trash cans were now nearly three weeks old and rapidly defrosting, I was just trying to save my Princess from the stinking stench of festering fetid garbage.

    Let’s just call me the hero of the day and leave it at that.  :-)


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: A Hit Piece on Cog – "A Clever Con" #11591

    No raising of the dead here on TIF. You seem to be having way too much fun which, I am fairly certain, is against the rules somewhere.  :-)

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Electric Universe #11573

    I think the tilt angle is correct, but now the cat won’t leave the damn world alone. :-)

    Cognitive Dissonance


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    in reply to: The (Limited) Hangout #11567

    Thank you for your response.

    I still don’t understand how actual silver emulsion photographic film was blocked, then faked. The website talks exclusively about electronic ‘video’, either electronic still images or electronic moving images. It is plausible something deliberately interfered with that electronic process. But there were people taking silver emulsion film pictures that day, including some at the Statue of Liberty, on Manhattan and from the New Jersey shore.

    9/11 is an extremely difficult subject to research for a variety of reason. There were so many moving parts and so much correct and incorrect information out there, some if it well meaning, but wrong, and some of it deliberate misinformation. Plus so much time has passed that the memory of that day is very much a product of what we were told rather than what we know. An entire generation has grow since then never ‘knowing’ anything about the event other than what they have read about it. Add in the emotional variable and it is a hot button issue for nearly everyone including myself. While you are researching may I suggest two individuals you may wish to read.

    Peter Dale Scott, who continuously examines ‘Deep State Politics’, of which 9/11 was/is just one part of.

    And David Ray Griffin, a theologian who quickly grasped that something was wrong with what we were being told about 9/11 and has written extensively on the subject, including a thorough dissembly and debunking of the 9/11 Commission report.

    Good luck with your continuing investigation.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Book Club? #11562

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was/is a very tough read. When I started my second read it suddenly dawned on me why this was so, at least for me. At various points in the book the author is describing his descent into insanity, into madness, and then his resurrection and enlightenment.

    By definition madness makes no sense at all when viewed from the outside and all the sense in the world when viewed from within. The reader is (presumably) sane when reading the book, thus the sane mind cannot truly comprehend insanity. In practice it is not at all that black and white. But once I understood that at various times in the book I was reading a description of madness written by a sane mind which had once been insane… suddenly made much more sense to me.

    Similar to closely examining an object in my hand that is completely foreign to me and which I do not understand its purpose or function, I can still admire its beauty, form and style without ‘knowing’ and understanding what it is. If I handed you some differential gears from your car axle you might not understand how it works, yet you could still admire the symmetry and elegance of the perfectly cut and meshed gears.

    Once I approached the book in that manner I was able to absorb so much more than I did during the first reading. I did not need to fully understand what I was reading in order to comprehend it on a different level or point of view. Once I let go of my need to understand from my point of view, my intuitive mind took over and shifted gears, enabling my innate ability to ‘see’ from several points of view take over. No longer demanding I ‘see’ with the eyes I was trained to see through and with, I could begin to ‘see’ through the author’s eyes.

    To this day it is the best description I have ever read of insanity described to the ‘sane’ mind. Of course I repeatedly say we are all presently insane and have been for centuries, if not thousands of years. One of the biggest takeaways I received from the book was the following. Who is to say ‘insanity’ as defined by you, me and all the other residents of the insane asylum, is not actually sanity?

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: The (Limited) Hangout #11557

    Hi Zenscreamer,

    That is an interesting hypothesis. It seems the person your link sent me to is saying a technology was used  during 9/11 to prevent all cameras in the area of downtown Manhattan from actually recording images. And that all ‘live’ TV images and video were faked in real time, plus any images and video showing planes or holes in the towers created by the planes or the collapse itself that were submitted by private parties from that day, but after the event, were also faked.

    Does this also include all cameras that were using actual photographic film rather than electronic image capture and memory cards? How about the video cameras trained on the towers from midtown or from New Jersey and Staten Island? Were they also blacked out? I saw images taken from the New Jersey Parkway of the Towers burning. Were those images also faked? Would not this technology disrupt police, fire and rescue radio communications? How about cell towers and AM-FM as well?

    I know when I take pictures with my electronic camera(s) I often immediately look at what I just shot to confirm it was what I wanted. I suspect others do the same, and did so that morning. Yet nobody complained their camera didn’t work that morning, at least not that I remember reading about.

    What about the thousands of eye witnesses that morning who all confirm they saw, with their own eyes, at least one plane hitting a tower? I agree the power of suggestion is very high when watching a live video while listening to a narrative telling you what you are seeing, even if it doesn’t match what you are actually seeing. But there was no voice-over narrative with regard to the physical witnesses that morning, only for those who were watching on TV. So what compelled hundreds of people to believe they saw a plane when the website is saying they did not?

    I could go on with a more detailed analysis, but I think you follow my point of view. While I have no problem entertaining all alternative explanations of what happened that morning, as far as I’m concerned it really doesn’t matter what I think did happen. All I need to know is the official story is full of holes. I do not need to provide an alternative theory of what happened in order to reject as nonsensical the ‘official’ explanation.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Awesome Space #11541

    And here I thought all that time you spend in front of the computer was devoted to writing articles. Who knew you were ‘cheating’ on me and trading once again. Please don’t tell me you have fallen so far you’re watching CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

    Time for a trip back to rehab honey bunny. Don’t worry, I’ll water the plants no less than once a month. :-)


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Introductions #11536

    Pig pile on the new guy.  :-)

    Welcome Hobo Sapien. I am certain your contributions will speak loudly to who and what you are. I can’t wait.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Electric Universe #11493

    What a great idea. I just ordered me one of them thar 20″ inflatable globes myself. First question by Mrs. Cog when I informed her of the good news?

    “Where are you going to put it?”

    My answer?

    “It’s deflatable honey bunny, so it stores easy. Great lung exercise when I need to use it as well.”

    Her response?

    An eye roll and then that smirk a mother gets when her child is about to learn a lesson the hard way.

    I love my honey bunny.  :-)

    PS. Thank God I quite smoking 20 years ago.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #11476

    High Desert

    I went in and edited your post a bit to clean it up. The forum software is not always friendly.

    I appreciate the info. Always good to talk to someone who has been there and done that. Experience is invaluable and always worthwhile to listen to.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Indoor Gardens and Hydroponics #11453

    Urban Pepper

    You said….”Cogs favorite and the Spinach seedlings“.

    I can’t wait to see how well your complete set of titanium drill bits come out. I can never get my seeds to germinate. I have better luck with the radishes, but they don’t fit well in my Porter Cable cordless drill.  :-)


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #11449

    High Desert

    Just clicked over and checked out your greenhouse. Very nice. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Some initial questions.

    1) Who manufactured the actual greenhouse ‘kit’?

    2) What will you add to the water in the 55 gal drums to prevent a buildup of whatever happens to water over a long time when enclosed and repeatedly heated/cooled?

    3) Did you seal the Douglas Fir beams with anything before putting them down?

    4) Were the gutters and flashing you installed on the beams made elsewhere or did you use a aluminum brake to bend the stock yourself?

    5) Was the roof penetration for the (soon to be replaced with an EPA compliant) wood stove built on site or purchased elsewhere? If so, where?

    6) The doors appear to have been part of the greenhouse ‘kit’…..correct? Were the windows purchased new or salvaged? They actually look like storm windows. Details please.

    And some feedback if I may be so bold.

    Dude….judging from the pictures you don’t know what ‘not level’ ground is. You should live where we are. You need sea legs to live and work around here. :-)


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: passive solar greenhouse #11421

    Welcome High Desert.

    With our initial (small) complement of solar panels up on the roof and the hardware all installed and humming along (my computer system, freezer and outdoor wood stove are presently operating on solar) my thoughts have turned to greenhouses. Don’t tell Mrs. Cog, but I suspect this is the next major project to be tackled on our list.

    Can’t wait to see what you have created.

    P.S. Stay tuned for an article series on the solar installation.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Indoor Gardens and Hydroponics #11300

    Sunday was warm with the temps hitting the low sixty’s and the sky a brilliant blue. This had Mrs. Cog in full on outdoors mode and thinking about how her summer garden will grow. Only a few months away at this point, at least for the cool weather crops.

    Now what did I do with that rototiller?

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Awesome Space #11299

    Truly stunning. We are going to miss the Hubble Space Telescope when it finally breaks down completely and is (mostly) burned up during re-entry.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Same as it ever was #10964

    Say what?  ;-p

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Introductions #10500


    This was not a philosophical difference between Petero and I, thus there was nothing to discuss here on TIF between Petero, myself and the TIF membership. This was about events and activities outside of TIF done in the name of TIF that were not endorsed or agreed to by TIF/myself.

    When we created TIF our goal was, and remains, to encourage respectful, open and diverse conversations that further our own personal explorations. This is actually much more difficult than might seem at first glance. There is a fine line that must be walked both by Mrs. Cog and I as well as the membership.

    More than anything else, a sense of mutual respect and community must be developed if we are to personally engage each other in ways popular culture and society actually actively discourages. In my view this would be impossible if this website were to be polarized or politicized. It is the primary reason behind our decision to keep the ability to comment in the forums restricted to members only. I wanted a ‘safe’ area to share without fear of shouting and name calling that always seems to occur in open forums.

    Thank you for the back and forth to further this discussion.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Introductions #10492


    I do not, and did not, wish to disparage Peter. I loved his story and felt it was a wonderful addition to TIF. I admired his hard work and drive, especially at his age, and even felt a little jealously reading about his present day life.

    But…… with so many people, Peter still believes that effective change can be brought about politically. After many years examining this point of view I have come to the conclusion that any change affected politically will either be corrupt at gestation or soon afterwards. And the path towards true lasting and fully embodied ‘change’ comes from looking with. We must live the change first. Everything else comes afterward.

    This is ultimately the guiding light and theme of this blog.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Introductions #10490

    Welcome to TIF michbarr.

    You said,

    “When I got to the part from CD that peter had gone his separate way I must say I was a bit disappointed only hearing a part of his story.  CD does not owe anyone an explanation but it was curious about the difference in agendas.”

    In fairness to all involved I did not, and still don’t, wish to expand much upon the explanation I gave. Simply put Peter, who was strictly a paying member and had no ownership or creative influence whatsoever in TIF, wished to take TIF in a direction Mrs. Cog and I did not.

    I do not want to politicize or polarize Two Ice Floes, but I do wish to encourage diverse opinions and point of views. If this blog were to take a political position it isolates those who do not agree with it and severely discourages creative thought contrary to the political stand. While politicizing a blog will make it popular among like minded individuals and profitable for the owner(s), it is not the direction Mrs. Cog and I wished to take.

    When Peter submitted additional chapters of his story we realized this was what Peter intended and we began a conversation with him about it. Peter confirmed this was his intent and offered that he was trying to rally a call for action that would be picked up by other outlets and carried forward, furthering the membership of TIF and filling our coffers in the process.

    We politely said no and we both agreed to go our separate ways.


    Cognitive Dissonance



    in reply to: Self Healing and Wellness #10380

    And the spoken word can do even more. With the correct cadence and rhythm added, an orator can mesmerize and seduce a person, particularly a person who is not aware this is even possible or one who is emotionally and mentally disarmed (such as one who is seeking comforting, affirmation or confirmation) and thus open to the power of the spoken ‘suggestions’.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Self Healing and Wellness #10328

    My horse for a cup of coffee and some dirt water.


    Cognitive Dissonance

    in reply to: Food Prices and Shortages #10327

    Thanks for the info. That’s actually really good to know.


    Cognitive Dissonance

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