Question Everything, Believe Nothing – Ch. 1

Chapter One - Suspending Disbelief

Where are the outer boundaries of our mental box, that comforting space where we ‘believe’ the uniquely individual ‘me’ can be found? What is the limit of our ability to think and perceive beyond our current ‘belief’ system, to think outside the lines of our own perceptional box? Can we ever locate a clearly defined line of demarcation where we cross over from all that ‘we’ believe is ‘me’ and where the herding ‘we’ bulls ‘us’ over? Continue reading Question Everything, Believe Nothing – Ch. 1

The Answer is 42

One would think that the answer is entirely dependent upon the question, and normally I would agree with that logical deduction. But when pondering sticky questions, particularly those that involve Cognitive Dissonance, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s famous “Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” answer (The answer is 42) seems just as apropos as anything you or I could, and regularly do, pull out of our bums. Continue reading The Answer is 42

(Ψ) Cutting Kudzu – A Seemingly Pointless and Futile Endeavor

You can’t kill it. All you can really hope for is to control it,” is how a guest described the Kudzu he spotted in some trees behind our house while we were saying our goodbyes in the driveway. “It can grow up to two feet a day and the roots are so deep you can’t dig them out. Get yourself some goats.”

I had noticed a few small patches of Kudzu in the tops of those trees during the spring when I was returning bi-weekly to our recently purchased property to cut the grass, clean up and make repairs in preparation for our mid June move-in. But I was surprised how quickly the Kudzu had spread in just a few months. One or two feet of growth per day would help explain the rapid spread of this invasive species. Continue reading (Ψ) Cutting Kudzu – A Seemingly Pointless and Futile Endeavor

The Sovereignty Series – You Can’t Make Me!

You Can't Make Me!

Self Victimization through Personal Speech Patterns

The Sovereignty Series

We’ve all heard of word association tests administered by the psychiatric profession which are used to determine our unconscious psychological makeup. The same goes for various other tests, such as the Rorschach test, that are (supposedly) designed to detect underlying thought disorder and overall personality characteristics.

I have often spoken about the hijacking of language to control and manipulate people, both as individuals and as the collective herd. George Orwell’s classic “Nineteen Eighty-Four” is a wonderful examination of the concept of language hijacking. I suggest that regardless of whether you have read “1984” or not, that you do so again in light of what we all see coming round the bend. Continue reading The Sovereignty Series – You Can’t Make Me!

Thoughts From Cognitive Dissonance Ψ ψ