Skyception: Chapter Three – The Only Theories That Can Withstand Scrutiny Above all Others

With this third and final chapter of The Skyception Series, Morpheus presents a compelling and well researched argument showing not only do persistent trails actually exist, but that the hidden reasons and layers of deception behind the global spraying program are far more involved than most (would care to) think. It is never comfortable to fully recognize those who are tasked with protecting us might actually be harming us, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. If the reader gains nothing more than this basic understanding from the Skyception series I will call it a rousing success.

I suspect most people find it extremely difficult to accept there is something nefarious going on right under our noses precisely because it is going on right under our noses. After all ‘they’ would never do that. Or the ‘free’ press would call ‘them’ on it. Someone would most certainly blow the whistle, wouldn’t they? The denial excuses are numerous and wide ranging, but the root cause of our collective denial is simple. If we were to look closely at this subject (or 9/11 for that matter) the can of worms we would open would be mind boggling and contrary to nearly everything people choose to believe. Best just to leave sleeping dogs lie and the Emperor to walk naked.

As I said in the introduction to Chapter Two, there is nothing forcing the reader to believe anything when they peruse articles such as this. But ‘wemust seriously consider all of it with an open mind and an innate desire to know more than just what we are told to believe is the ‘truth’.

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