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Patreon Newsletter #6 – Scraps on the Table

This issue of my Patreon Newsletter is open to the public. Please enjoy the article.

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Cognitive Dissonance

Mrs. Cog and I regularly compare notes while sitting at our desks conveniently arranged next to each other. It usually starts with a comment or observation tossed across the void while we are intently immersed in our own personal interests. On occasion, this results in feet thrown up on the desks and an involved back and forth as we hash out the subject nuances from our own particular point of view.

In this case I was commenting to the bride about someone of obvious substantial experience who was equally, and obviously, incompetent. But, surprisingly to me at least, they had not been washed out of their chosen profession, or in this case an income producing hobby, based solely upon their demonstrated incompetence. Continue reading Patreon Newsletter #6 – Scraps on the Table

Go Big or Go Home


Cognitive Dissonance


I just installed a brand spanking new mailbox here at the homestead, the type and size you often find planted in front of working farms around these parts. You know, of a size sufficient enough to accept delivery of a small cow or a medium pig.

The new mailbox is big, black and very beautiful, with a bright red flip up flag and the classic domed top to allow precipitation, frozen or not, to roll right off the poor cow or pig stuffed inside. There’s nothing worse than a wet cow. Dry, on the other hand, is much better. Besides, you can’t return a water damaged cow. I’ve checked and it’s a no go.

Continue reading Go Big or Go Home

Living In a One Horse Town


Cognitive Dissonance


I grew up in a one horse town close to the ocean in southern New England. I mean real close to the ocean, as in the county’s population effectively doubled during the summer vacation season. But other than a steady stream of cars passing though the center of town on their way to the beach, the town itself pretty much remained a one horse town year round.

Of course, this was well before video games, a computer or ‘lap’ top connected to the internet, 500 channels on something called ‘cable’, internet enabled ‘smart’ phones and shopping malls on every corner. The list of modern entertainment choices is endless and doesn’t need to be cataloged any further than I already have. Continue reading Living In a One Horse Town

Lost and Found


Cognitive Dissonance


I often speak about personal sovereignty, the concept and practice of being entirely responsible for all we do along with the intended and unintended consequences of such. Anyone can talk the walk; it’s another thing entirely too actually walk the walk. That’s usually where concept and reality sharply diverge and in ways we might not think would be a test of our ‘practice’.

In fact, I had one the other day you might be interested in hearing about. Continue reading Lost and Found