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Culture Shock

Becoming disoriented after experiencing drastic changes in life is expected and natural. Because of this, culture shock was something we openly discussed at length with our teenager before, during and after the move to our secluded mountain top. I suspect Cog also gently included me in the realm of those who needed to mentally prepare to experience life in, at times, a very different world. Continue reading Culture Shock

Dispatches from Occupied Territory – The Awakening

Even though most of us come to Zero Hedge to learn, laugh, share and even rant, ultimately many of us are all alone as we cope with our awakening. While Tyler & Company do an excellent job deconstructing the insanity, rarely is our day to day emotional and psychological battering discussed. Most of us long for someone we can talk to and learn from without being judged or ridiculed. I offer the following occasional series as a small step in that direction. Continue reading Dispatches from Occupied Territory – The Awakening