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Go Big or Go Home


Cognitive Dissonance


I just installed a brand spanking new mailbox here at the homestead, the type and size you often find planted in front of working farms around these parts. You know, of a size sufficient enough to accept delivery of a small cow or a medium pig.

The new mailbox is big, black and very beautiful, with a bright red flip up flag and the classic domed top to allow precipitation, frozen or not, to roll right off the poor cow or pig stuffed inside. There’s nothing worse than a wet cow. Dry, on the other hand, is much better. Besides, you can’t return a water damaged cow. I’ve checked and it’s a no go.

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The Multi-Purpose Barn

Our new barn is the result of an evolution. The idea began as a large shed to house small tractors and equipment so the workshop/garage's floor space might be freed for Cog to service tools such as chainsaws and lawn mowers, as well as room to build things.

The shed concept morphed as we made frequent stops in nearby towns and even along country roads to inspect various sheds and barns. We considered their size and shape, their special features such as a second story or unique windows and in particular the building structure. We were interested in things like the size and style of the roof overhang and the different types of siding.

After weeks of research and examination of various building plans, Cog proclaimed us ready as we’ll ever be and we priced, purchased and took delivery of the majority of the building supplies he would need. Weather permitting, throughout the winter Cog worked diligently and many modifications were made along the way. While I’m sure Cog will make the time to churn out a technical piece about the building concepts and process, here is the down and dirty unveiling for those of us less savvy in the area of construction. Continue reading The Multi-Purpose Barn

Selling the Car Crash and Buying the Cancer

For just a few minutes I ask that you suspend disbelief and consider what I am about to say from the perspective of your point of view. Forget what others may say or do. Ignore how you think the herd might react to the scenario I’m about to outline and look deep within yourself into that honest place we all possess and rarely visit. Continue reading Selling the Car Crash and Buying the Cancer

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