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Empire in Decline – Propaganda and the American Myth

Empire in Decline - Propaganda and the American Myth


Cognitive Dissonance



“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…ourselves.” - With apologies to Sir Walter Scott.


If only life was as neat and orderly as my ancient history text book showed it to be. There it was on glossy paper, spread out across several sets of adjoining pages, maps of the ancient and modern world. Sometimes there were time lines top and bottom, along with countries helpfully outlined and identified. Underneath their modern English names were one or two older names in smaller stylized script, often including exact beginning and end dates. I remember one in particular caught my eye. “The United States of America” followed by the year 1776. But with no end date indicated, it looked like unfinished business to me. You’ve got to love those historians and their precise dates.

Of course, in reality there are no exact dates for the birth and death of city/states, other than in the historian’s mind. Children continue to be born, the old still die, and life goes on under ever changing circumstances. But you are rarely informed of the subjective nature of historical events when you’re young and impressionable, so they’re presented in the history books as cold hard facts. The last thing the reigning Imperial Empire wants is to appear uncertain about prior eons, epochs and echoes in time. Continue reading Empire in Decline – Propaganda and the American Myth

About That Liberal Media…

About That Liberal Media....


Cognitive Dissonance


Charts and Info from Business Insider


I dislike labels, particularly political labels. Their primary purpose is to categorize "others" in order for you and I to then apply a down and dirty cognitive shorthand, determining in effect if the "other" is one of "us" or one of "them". The only people who "win" when this type of thinking is applied are those who promote, and benefit from, a divide and conquer/control strategy.

As I've stated before, rarely have I found anyone who identifies as fully belonging to one ideological group or another. In America we are presented with two major ideological/political choices, Democrat or Republican, along with a host of minor parties who are consistently minimized by both the major political parties and the mainstream media.

In practice, most people identify with a political party based upon one or more specific beliefs or ideas promoted by "their" party.  But in effect, both Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same political party with slightly different factions squabbling over power within the main body.

On subjects which support the Imperial mindset and the Empire, such as endless war, government overreach, the police state, fractional reserve banking and the endless money creation of the Federal Reserve to name just a few, both parties are in near full agreement.

More is better! Continue reading About That Liberal Media…

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave

By Cognitive Dissonance


It is the stuff of legends and lore dating back through all of recorded history, of sinking ships and sea monsters, of tall tales and tragic deaths. The problem was obvious; any credible witness to a rogue wave usually didn’t survive the rogue wave, thereby relegating the actual phenomenon to the looney tunes category by the so-called ‘experts’.

In an authoritarian culture only the authorities can declare something ‘real’ regardless of how much evidence has been previously offered. It took an actual ‘scientific’ measurement in the North Sea off Norway on New Year’s Day, 1995 aboard the Draupner platform to convince the scientists (aka the authorities) there really was such a thing as a rogue wave. Continue reading Rogue Wave

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