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Seeing…and Being Seen

Seeing…and Being Seen


Cognitive Dissonance


While I suspect western culture has always been afflicted with the desperate need to be seen, affirmed and acknowledged, we appear to be nearing the climax of self destructive behavior in our mindless pursuit to escape our true self by having our madness verified as normal and natural by other mad men and women.

Misery, and madness, loves company. Continue reading Seeing…and Being Seen

The Superman Syndrome

By Cognitive Dissonance

The other day Mrs. Cog and I were discussing the latest fear mongering article by a well known doom porn purveyor. Of particular note was the actual technique use to inflame both hope and fear; a particularly effective mind control technique when used with precision and skill on a previously primed audience.

The name of the author is not important and thus, in order not to distract from the conversation, will remain nameless. The technique employed, however, warrants further discussion because of its effectiveness. First it outlines (in frighteningly graphic terms) a potentially mortal danger developing in the political/financial/military sphere, then it reveals some hidden knowledge gained from special insiders who (perhaps, maybe, possibly) are ready to step in and intercede on our behalf. Continue reading The Superman Syndrome

Where Will You Be When the End Game Begins?


Cognitive Dissonance

Sometime after oh dark thirty it will begin, the previously cocked trigger suddenly released to wreck havoc throughout the world’s financial system. Like an intricate and interwoven design made entirely of standing dominoes, all it takes is a slight disturbance to knock one off its base and start the cascade of toppled consequences running down the line.

With the benefit of hindsight it will be seen that the trigger itself was not the killer. Instead, sometime later, a specific projectile will be (most likely falsely) identified as the blunt instrument which tore economic flesh asunder and quickly bled the system of ‘liquidity’ faster than a slash to the femoral artery. Too late to make a difference, tourniquets will be applied to stem the red tide. Sadly, all it will accomplish is to extend economic life long enough to enable a final frenzy of looting before the bloody end.

And the totalitarian end game will have only just begun. Continue reading Where Will You Be When the End Game Begins?

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