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Clearing and Caring for the Land

Not only am I trying to clear and maintain my own land, but because of Gentleman's agreements with neighbors on several sides I'm also trying to take care of the property around me. Effectively I have quadrupled the land we can use at the cost of some extra time and work. It is a great deal for all involved.

So there will be several subsections in this category that will cover a wide range of subjects including clearing brush, cutting trees and/or Kudzu, mowing fields and paths, maintaining logging roads and so on.

I do welcome suggestions, observations, how-to instructions and feedback. While I am not a novice I have not worked with many of these tools and under these conditions in a few decades. I tend to be old school simply because I don't know the new school methods and techniques. So leave your comments below the various articles and school me bro.

Cognitive Dissonance

On the Mountain

Of principal importance to Mrs. Cog and I was the need to begin the process of withdrawal from the madness machine in all ways large and small.  The closer we are to the insanity the more difficult it is to find balance and poise, essential ingredients to posses while journeying towards our own reality creations.

With this in mind, and with one eye fixed on the rapidly unraveling economic Ponzi, the decision was made to secure safe passage to a more remote location now, when we can, rather than wait for a 'better' time and risk the possibility of the door slamming shut.  With capital controls a sure bet sometime in the future (the drowning Ponzi will attempt to take all liquidity down with it) in our opinion the best time is now, not later.

On these pages you will find articles, images and progress reports as we learn to coexist with Mother Nature on a more sustainable basis here in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia. Please remember that we are newbies to the region and to the lifestyle, so mistakes will abound. It's all part of the journey. Come join us as we explore the reaches of God's country.

Cognitive Dissonance