The Antidote – Essay Four: How to Protect Yourself

While all of us have at one time or another thought about how to protect ourselves from financial predators ("If the deal is too good to be isn't") or physical predators (buddy system, self defense courses, armed and ready, awake and aware) have you ever seriously considered what you need to do to protect yourself from emotional and psychological predators?

What exactly is going on when someone is 'seduced' and swept off his or her feet? Is it really love or is it emotional exploitation and abuse? Is that 'just' a bully messing around on the school playground or someone who wishes to deliberately inflict pain and suffering upon others, a sociopath if you will? How about that abusive boss who's always in your face at work? While we are certainly familiar with the concept of spousal or child abuse, there is so much more happening beneath the surface than 'just' physical abuse.

These are just a few examples of predators who can not only physically harm and even kill us, but those who survive carry physical, emotional and psychological scars that can last a lifetime.

In the fourth essay of "The Antidote" series On The Beach discusses methods we can use to protect ourselves from another type of predator.

Click here for Essay Four" "How to Protect Yourself".

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