The Tyranny of Convenience

What's the harm? You're busy with life's clutter and rush, the 10,000 things of modern (and ancient) times, so you reach for convenience rather than substance. And despite the image above I am not 'just' speaking about food conveniences, but rather all those little psychological, physiological and spiritual short cuts we engage in on a daily basis.

So what's the problem?

I suppose 'nothing' would be the answer. Or maybe everything. Ultimately the lone spiritual traveler is the only one who can honestly answer that question. I certainly won't for anyone else other than myself since I have been, and still can be, as guilty as the next when looking for the shortest route to my destination rather than actively seeking the journey.

For an alternative perspective on this topic please join me in reading "The Tyranny of Convenience" by Sigmund Fraud and re-posted from Waking Times.

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