They say politics is the grease that makes the world go round, that without politics, as a global society we would have self destructed a long time ago, that politics keeps two Gentlemen who are in disagreement from killing each other. I beg to differ.

Politics in its everyday applied form is the social institutionalization and rationalization of the practice of lying to ourselves and to others. Politics is all about leverage and influence used by those who have against those who have not...and I'm not just talking about the 1%'er here, but everyone on every level all the way down the economic scale.

Politics has been so completely ingratiated into our culture that even those of us not directly involved in "politics" still use the techniques of politics to manage our lives, our friends and family, our work and play environment, even ourselves.

Politics is the dysfunctional language of The Insane Asylum.

Cognitive Dissonance

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