Gluten Free Recipes

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One of the very cool parts of removing gluten from our diet has been learning how simple it is to put together what we eat by choosing each item that goes into it. Things as simple as reading the fine print has alerted me to other facts. For instance, if I was not scrutinizing the label of each ingredient when baking homemade GF bread, I would not have realized that while all baking powder is gluten free, some brands contain aluminum.

We are discovering anything can be replicated, and often improved, without gluten. Pizza crusts, breads, cakes, cookies, crackers, pasta, and so on. We have largely stopped eating out because even when restaurants prepare "gluten free" meals, they are often cross contaminated with wheat because kitchen staff doesn't understand you cannot use the same grill or toaster or mixing utensils for both.

Below are some great links we have found for gluten free recipes, and as soon as time allows we will be adding our own favorites here. Please share any you may have below!

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  1. This is my favorite website for gluten free baking. I have never had one of her recipes not turn out well.

    This is our go to recipe for dinner rolls. I have also used this recipe to make sandwich rolls by shaping them into hamburger size buns on a greased cookie sheet. Use wet fingers to easily shape them. Enjoy! also has a great gluten free section. This is my favorite pizza dough recipe.

    ~~~mrs. stengel

    1. @mrs. stengel

      Oh my goodness, you’ve done it now. I’m torn as to whether to spend the weekend tending to the website or just baking. What a fabulous website of recipes, thank you so much.

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