10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomenon Captured On Camera

Growing up in New England during the 50's and 60's, we Yankees were quite proud of our spectacular and at times violent weather phenomenon. Rather smugly we assured visitors that if they didn't like the weather, they should wait a few minutes and it would change.

It seems we New Englanders didn't actually have a monopoly on extreme weather or that quaint old saying about waiting on change.

As fascinating as the human condition is to observe and examine, it pales in comparison to Mother Nature and her endless possibilities and permutations.  Not a day passes up here on the mountain when I don't pull out my camera phone and snap a few shots of whatever has caught my eye. At times I am stunned and awe struck by how quickly things change from moment to moment.

It is with this thought in mind that I present this re-posting from "EarthPorm.com". Please join me in viewing Mother Nature at her most spectacular and creative in "10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomenon Captured On Camera".

Cognitive Dissonance

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