Harvest at Chez Cog

Harvest at Chez Cog


Cognitive Dissonance


It became obvious to Mrs. Cog and I by early February of this year (2020) that the next phase of socioeconomic crumble/chaos was being implemented both here in the USA as well as throughout the world. The rabbit hole just got deeper. Or more accurately, the deeper rabbit hole was just revealed.

Regardless of whether one believes the COVID-19 pandemic is real or not (we fall into that vast gray area in-between, which we are confidently informed by the mainstream media doesn't actually exist) what is extremely hard to deny is the pandemic is being used politically to further enrich the already obscenely rich while turning the little people screws even tighter.

Case in point....27 million people remain unemployed (with more to follow as we enter the next stage of Great Depression 2.0) while the personal wealth of Jeff Bezos just passed $200 Billion...essentially doubling in less than 7 months.

For those of you who are like me and have a hard time with large numbers (I'm lost after counting 10 fingers and 10 toes) 200 billion is 200,000 times one million dollars. One billion is a thousand million. 200 billion is two hundred thousand million.

Clearly Bezos doesn't need to sweat the rent or mortgage.

What this all meant to us back in February was we needed to accelerate our plans to install a greenhouse, along with other final touches to our little homestead we call home sweet home. While the capital improvements are never finished, the greenhouse was the last major building block we'd planned for many years.

Like busy beavers trying to beat the rising creek, we have been going non-stop since spring. Not only did I personally build and install the greenhouse on top of the contractor assisted leveled and graveled building pad (I also trenched in water and electric) but we also expanded the tilled portion of our fenced in garden by about 30%. This was all above and beyond the 'normal' things that need to be done in order to maintain our semi self sufficient lifestyle.

At the same time, two on my previously small income stream businesses exploded in activity, along with the attention they demanded of me. Because I understood the rapid increase was temporary, I made hay while the sun shined, fully aware I needed that income to pay for the capital improvement projects we had just begun.

Now we are fully into harvest and canning season, something that simply can't be put off until a more convenient time and place materializes. Sprinkled throughout this self imposed workload is the overriding need to purchase items and supplies we fully expect will become scare (or non-existent) and certainly more expensive.

Inflation is just around the corner, at least the officially recognized kind. You and I both know unacknowledged inflation has been decimating the middle class for decades.

The net effect of all this is my absence from this forum. My desire and ability to sit down and devote several days to write one of my in-depth articles has been missing. While much of it can be attributed to the work load described above, I've been in somewhat of a psychological funk. It is my impression that, at least for now, very few people wish to seek out perspective while many want to place blame and point fingers at the so-called bad guys and gals.

The Empire's divide and control psychological operations are out in full force in order to obscure the exponential increase of institutional rape, looting and pillage. We crossed the Rubicon and passed the tipping point where social pressure tends to limit public and private corruption. It is now all greed all the time, helpfully hidden by deliberately fomented social unrest and racial division.

It really is quite brilliant to behold if one has the emotional capacity and intellectual sanity to do so. Sadly few have, or desire to have, the ability to see much more than the deep state propaganda magically delivered to our nearest glowing screen.

With our frenzied dam building nearly complete, this busy beaver will soon return to my regularly scheduled programing already in progress.

Cognitive Dissonance


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