A Window Into Our World

A Window Into Our World
Cognitive Dissonance


Every year during the early spring awakening I quickly begin to feel like I am way behind on my list of tasks. Worse, the deficit is rapidly growing. This year it feels particularly acute because, in addition to all the normal tasks, we are replacing 3 entry doors, 2 storm doors and 5 windows.

We.....as in me.

Don't get me wrong. It is a labor of love. Nothing quite beats the feeling of accomplishment that comes from ending the day with a major project started and possibly even finished.  I was a remodeling contractor for the first 20 years of my adult life, so this isn't exactly rocket science to me.

That said, as with all rehabs, replacing doors and windows in a log home is especially problematic and comes with its own unique set of challenges. And at times it seems I know just enough to get myself into serious trouble...and on occasion, safely back out the other side.

Which is my way of apologizing for being seriously behind on my writing and general pontificating. In addition to the demands of our homestead, I have been adding a new full bathroom to a friend's home, a particularly thorny problem since I must plumb it knowing his existing bath and kitchen will be remodeled within the next few years.

In some respects it is akin to changing the tire on your car while still traveling down the highway at 60 MPH.

I expect to have a new Cog article up within the next 10 days. Thank you for your patience.

Cognitive Dissonance


One of the new windows viewed from inside of office. Still needs to be insulated and trimmed. But at least the cats can get in and out on their own.


Our new front door awaiting the installation fairy. Any day now I am told.

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