9/11 – The Ultimate Litmus Test


Cognitive Dissonance


Thirteen years ago the world changed; though it is only with the benefit of perspective may we clearly see the extent and duration of that change. But change it did and remarkably so after perspective is found and the world is seen for what it really is rather than what we are told it is. Or what we want it to be based upon our own cultural conditioning and personally biased worldview.

This is not to say I see clearly, that I possess an unbiased mind, special insight or clarity of vision. Far from it in fact. On a daily basis I fight the tendency to develop a rigid mindset and view the world through that comforting lens. To help me resist this temptation I must constantly remind myself a static world view often results from my need to feel I can understand and control what is at times incomprehensible and most certainly uncontrollable. I have learned from personal experience the more I feel out of control the more I will try to exert control. It is a battle I will lose every time if I engage.

There is so much intentionally created confusion and misinformation  out there that anyone claiming to know exactly what is going on is either tragically self deluded and living in a fantasy world, ideologically deaf, dumb and blind or a misinformation agent attempting to muddy the waters some more. I am not sure if anyone knows our true history anymore, including those entities busy rewriting it at this very moment.

That said, a huge and tragic mistake made by nearly all of us (not just the mainstream media contrarians reading this) is to assume we must have in place a complete and detailed historical narrative, including names, confessions and the smoking gun, before we discard the previous one, particularly if the one being discarded is ‘official’. This is of course a ridiculous requirement since from a logic and common sense point of view one is not required to know what is right in order to declare something wrong.

This incredibly effective controlling mind meme has become so thoroughly embedded within the collective consciousness that even so-called critical thinkers repeat this demand of anyone approaching them to request they re-examine their beliefs and consider alternatives. I am speaking directly to you and me, the alternative media reader here. This is a demand I might add we would unilaterally reject as preposterous if applied to our own ‘profession’, but which we gratefully embrace when protecting our cherished belief systems regardless of whether it is the official narrative or a contrary point of view. At times we are all trapped by our rigid thinking.

Even those who have rejected the official historical account of > fill in the blank < as balderdash are often quick to offer up an alternative thesis lest they be perceived as less than credible, competent or even (perish the thought) a conspiracy theorist. This is the greatest mind killing, thought stopping epitaph ever created by the thought control police since accusations of witches, warlocks and devil worshipers were used to control dissenting thought. Regardless of your mind set one must admit this is brilliantly applied mind control technique via co-opted language and the hive mind. Score one to the CIA for that little gem.

The fact is liars lie and those who profit from lying, and by profit I don’t mean exclusively financial, will lie until the cows come home and “We the People” are pacified (or at least mentally, physically and emotionally disarmed) once again. Thus it fascinates me to no end how in one breath someone will declare all politicians and government officials are liars and corrupt, and in the next vigorously defend what ‘their’ lying politician and authority has claimed is the God’s Honest Truth and the ‘official’ story. And with a pinky swear no less.

“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…..until I claim to have misspoken and we start all over again.”

Of course this almost always applies to the really big lies, the ones everyone can comfortably believe since no one would ever tell a whopper like that. After all, we can bitch and complain all we want about the effects of the corrupt system, but we must never fully question the very basis of the corrupt system itself for this will force us to question ourselves and our part in the charade. Careful we don’t bite the hand that feeds us……even if what we feed upon are ‘just’ yummy emotional security tidbits and a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ affirmation of what is ‘normal’……so long as we don’t look beyond the paper thin veneer.

This neurosis of ours is skillfully played to the hilt, both by those who lie to us and by those who wish to be lied to. Truth be told we all enjoy a comforting lie now and then, just as long as it fits reasonably well within our overall worldview and inner narrative. In this way we are able to have our cake and eat it too, to both believe the (big) lie while not really believing (all of) it. Just don’t look too closely at the glaring conflicts and omissions in the official and alternative narratives, while at the same time looking just close enough to substitute in something that better fits into our own personal and infinitely customizable view of the world.

Best of Both Worlds - Clean

Which brings me to the subject of this article, “9/11 – The Ultimate Litmus Test”. Let me declare upfront that I ‘know’ two things with an extremely high degree of certainty about 9/11.

Number one, I have no idea exactly what happened on that brilliantly blue second Tuesday in September, let alone who and what was behind the event. And anyone who says they do is either blinded by their ideology, full of self deluded bullshit, or the mastermind of the entire operation. Please note I said EXACTLY. I know a lot about 9/11 and that is the problem. What I think I know is far greater than what I actually ‘know’. With that in mind I try to remind myself I have just enough information to make me dangerous to myself and no one else.

I am very comfortable stating for the record I ‘know’ almost nothing with absolute certainty about 9/11 and much of what I suspect happened on that beautiful fall day is little more than opinion and supposition. The only (slight) advantage I may have over many others when considering this subject is I wasn’t as deeply imprinted psychologically that morning/day because I was recovering from emergency surgery the night before and was enjoying the sweet bliss of a doctor prescribed morphine drip.

It was truly remarkable and quite surreal watching huge buildings disintegrate into dust with no emotional involvement or investment on my part. I know I upset several traumatized nurses and doctors that morning with my unsympathetic appraisal of the unfolding Psyops. Even in my drugged state I could recognize a con when it was being foisted upon us. But knowing something is a con and knowing how the con is run and who and what are behind it are two very different balls of tangled yarn.

It is the ultimate of egoic arrogance and hubris, which itself often carefully conceals our fear and emotional insecurity, for anyone to declare they ‘know’ who, what, when, where and why when in fact most of what they ‘know’ is at best supposition, hypothesis and logic based guessing. Naturally most of us get around this by asserting we ‘know’ most of what happened and would know all if only those dirty rotten bastards would come clean and spill the beans.

It is one thing to point out logical inconsistencies, outright contradictions and false statements in the official narrative, not to mention deliberate omissions and the obscuring of information. It is another entirely to state unequivocally ‘we’ know this or that, then point to the problems within the official narrative as ‘proof’ we are correct.

This speaks directly to the neurotic need of so many contrarians (that means you and me dear reader) to present an alternative explanation to replace the one we reject in order to appear credible. Why in the world are ‘we’ so worried about appearing credible to those who have no intention of believing anything other than what they wish to believe? And yet ‘we’ do.

Number two, the official 9/11 cover story stinks worse than two week old fish in August and is so full of holes it contains no substantial factual ‘truth’ to speak of other than bits and pieces here and there held together with baling wire and chewing gum. This is not to say there is no ‘truth’ (maybe I should say ‘fact’ since truth is often subjective) in the story.

Any competent liar will insistent a critical ingredient when concocting a successful (read plausible) lie is to mix just enough truth, especially self damaging truth, into the fetid cesspool of deception, deceit and duplicity. The best 'genuine imitation' stew is the one that contains a little real beef mixed in with the chunks of mystery meat and salmonella.

The ‘official’ 9/11 cover story is so full of crap the smell test alone is the early warning sign to fumigate and then repeatedly flush while hoping the septic tank or municipal sewer system can handle the mess without backing up. However the brilliance behind this treachery IS the cover story, as is the case with all reasonably well executed cover stories regardless of how transparent it might be. Enough ‘truth’, omission, scapegoats, blind alleys, false leads, backtracking and ideological red herrings has been seeded into the official cover-up to keep EVERYONE on both sides of the aisle endlessly chasing their tails. A true one-size-fits-all disinformation narrative if ever there was one.

911 Cover Up - Clean

For those who don’t wish to acknowledge the extremely uncomfortable truth they are sleeping with the enemy (meaning the mainstream media mesmerized) there are just enough self damaging ‘facts’ mixed into the official stew to ‘allow’ them to believe any variety of alternative narratives that point towards governmental/military incompetence, bald faced greed and self dealing, cover-your-ass bureaucratic backpedaling, terrorist ‘bad’ guys who hate-us-for-our-freedom let-me-sleep-like-a-baby ‘beliefs’.

Just as long as ‘we’ are given whatever it takes to avoid looking too closely into the black abyss and seeing ‘us’ for what ‘we’, as well as those formerly and presently in power, really are. After all I can call my wife a whore or my government a killer of its citizens, but if you say that....well, them thar is fighting words.

Then there is the so called alternative point of view championed by a witch’s brew of dissenting, disaffected and downright angry individuals and small groups who, sadly and unfortunately, have been thoroughly infiltrated and mostly disarmed by the grand keepers of The Big Lie.

That neurotic impulse previously mentioned, of the need to present a complete and plausible alternative explanation when rejecting the official narrative, is expertly used to leverage every possible alternative account regardless of how plausible, or not, it may be. So long as everyone is going nowhere we can spin our wheels to our hearts content while the Grand Parade marches on. Lots of smoke, but no fire, is the objective of the disruptors and disinformation peddlers.

Not only does this keep the minions busy fighting among themselves, but anyone on the outside brave enough to fight back their inner fear of leaving the Matrix and taking a peek inside the alternative reality world is quickly spooked back to dry land by the absolute insanity and brutality of the alternative blogosphere. This is as much by design as by happenstance. Some people are truly just trolls and some are agents of the system hired to send the rabbits out of their holes and into the waiting arms of the existing insane asylum. And sadly some just follow the leader troll and act out their inner aggressions.

Somewhere in the middle of the true crazies screaming bloody murder, the misinformation agents acting out their roles as either crazies or ‘experts’ (and sometimes both), the mostly well intentioned individuals just seeking to find some answers amongst the deafening roar, and the vast silent majority of the minority, those who are truly frightened and confused and who just want the insanity to go away so they can go back to some sort of peaceful sleep, lay the ‘truth’ - slowly being starved to death for lack of nutrition and nurturing by all parties involved.

Contrary to the alternative universe crowd’s present day self image, the desire to go back to sleep seems to be the case for a large and growing population of frightened angry people who are skillfully manipulated, or at least herded, into self destructive actions, self defeating chest beating and righteously indignant late night screaming by way of blogging and posting passionate diatribes via the Interwebby – on occasion this author included.

Mission accomplished as far as the controllers are concerned. Better to have the disaffected corralled in the cattle shoot snipping at one another rather than out in the streets directly confronting authority or taking incremental steps towards slowly withdrawing from the enslaving system. Impossible you say? These human psychological bomb defusing and disposal techniques are older than Jesus Christ himself, stretching back to well before the Roman Empire. All the way back in fact to the Egyptian pharaohs.

[On a side note a totally fascinating and somewhat well documented theory posits that Christianity was created and/or hijacked by the Romans to counter and defuse what was at the time a militantly violent and revolutionary Jewish religion bent on the overthrow and destruction of the Roman Empire in what we today call the Middle East.

Have you ever seriously considered why the Old Testament is so militant and violent while the New Testament is essentially passive? Or pondered why the Jewish faith does not accept the New Testament? Talk about hijacked; if even slightly true, consider the similarities between this theory and what is happening within and to the Muslim religion today by forces outside and within that faith.]

Remarkably, while ‘our’ recorded history has been repeatedly distorted, re-written and omitted time after time, the distortion techniques used are all very well documented and displayed in plain sight for all who are not ideologically blind to see. In my opinion this is a not-so-subtle middle finger to those who claim to be right minded and on the side of truth and justice for all. Essentially we are being told, “This is what we do and how we do it. Whatcha gonna do about it fool?

Distortion - Clean

How do you defeat someone or something much larger than you? Ask any martial arts or military strategy expert and they will tell you the secret to their universe in a few choice words………deception and leverage. Instead of acting to protect ourselves from the predators who use these techniques against ‘us’, we enable them by destroying ourselves and those around us. Just spend a little time studying some recent history from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for some examples of self destruction, though I suggest you stay away from the official cover stories endlessly repeated via history textbooks and encyclopedias.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the various ‘popular’ movements and uprisings of those three decades? Again and again and again agents acting in the interest of the power elite and status quo infiltrated anything perceived to be a threat in order to sidetrack, dissolve or outright control any and all ‘subversive’ groups using polarizing techniques that are timeless in their effectiveness and efficiency.

There is only one rule to follow for all centers of power and that is to protect and preserve that power. This applies whether the power resides in governments, (central) banks, corporations, kings, pharaohs or Caesars all the way down to petty school yard bullies and megalomaniac Wal-Mart assistant managers.

If it is newly consolidated power acquired with the ‘consent’ of the people then initially those catered to will be “We the People”. But over time, as the absolute power corrupts absolutely, the fastest and easiest way to remain on top is through increasingly more widespread corruption via confiscating the wealth of the people and then spreading it among those few most able and available to assist in the maintenance of that power. Thus corruption spreads and infects everyone including “We the People” who in many cases must resort to these same methods in order to survive within the insanity. Either we become the mob or we die by the mob.

While anything goes in the pursuit of this goal, towards the end of Empire (regardless of the size of that empire) increasingly more ruthless and ‘efficient’ methods are employed to control the herd as the facade that originally kept “We the People” sedated and sated, or at least at bay, dissolves into an orgy of excess and opulence for those who ‘have’ (and who were granted special indulgences by the King) and oppressive drugged drudgery for those who have not, all while "We the People's" remaining money and wealth are debased and destroyed.

Actually I misspoke at the top of this article (to use that wonderful Newspeak term politicians love to use when backtracking in a hurry) when I said the world changed back on September 11, 2001. What changed was our perception, our worldview, in what was the largest real time experiment in mass hypnosis and perception management ever attempted in order to justify what was already in the works. Problem…Reaction…Solution in all its ugly glory writ large, live and in living color on nearly every TeeVee in the world.

Just because we were witness to such monstrous depravity as to curdle mother’s milk in situ doesn’t mean we cannot sit back and admire the craftsmanship and chutzpah, the grand illusion both as it unfolded and afterward, as it roiled and regurgitated in the world’s gut like a half digested Thanksgiving feast with no bicarbonate in sight.

One must vigorously applaud the spectacle of being told in real time to ignore our lying eyes and ‘believe’ what we are being told, then over the following months and years to backtrack, misspeak, re-speak, doublespeak and un-speak as the initial lie is reformed, refined and rammed up our butts ever deeper, all while we beg for more while cowering from the ghosts of terrorists past, present and future.

It was and remains a masterful job, simply masterful, despite its glaring and painfully obvious miscues, screw-ups and blatant public perception manipulation. It doesn’t matter how obvious the lie is if people don’t want to know the truth. “Tell me another lie Dad so I can believe it’s the truth. Everything is gonna be OK, right?

Litmus Test - Clean

So exactly what is this litmus test I'm talking about and how does it apply to you and me. Well, it depends upon who ‘you’ are. I have repeatedly stated that what is not said is often far more important then what is said. So for those who hold the ‘public trust’, a title that extends far beyond public servants such as politicians and other ‘officials’, if they continue to uphold the overall ‘official’ 9/11 story even while questioning it in a roundabout manner, it is in my opinion the litmus test.

Worse I have grown weary of the disingenuous argument put forth by some that to speak frankly in public about 9/11 will destroy their credibility and thus their effectiveness as they battle the Empire from within. If one does not speak out against the Empire, yet one derives power from the Empire, ‘one’ is little more than a lackey and controlled opposition to/of/for the Empire. One ‘fact’ is becoming crystal clear as we progress deeper and deeper into this insanity. The Empire serves The Empire and only those who serve The Empire. Period!

At some point down the road to total corruption all energy expended by The Empire, and those who suckle from The Empire, is directed towards sustaining and defending The Empire. From that point on one is either serving that purpose (and lackeys, useful idiots and controlled opposition most certainly do) or one is expelled by The Empire from the (inner) circle of The Empire. Thus any chance one might have had to ‘change’ The Empire is lost………because there was never a ‘chance’ to change it from within to begin with.

I am not calling out anyone in particular because doing so would serve no purpose other than to start a shouting match and further the ‘divide and conquer’ technique those in power use to control and subvert those who are not in power and might otherwise have a voice. I have no doubt many who profess to be battling The Empire from within truly believe they are doing so. That said ultimately it does not change the fact that at best, in the eyes of The Empire, they are useful idiots regardless of whether they know or care they are.

But the second part of the 9/11 Litmus Test applies to everyone else who believes whatever they want to believe regarding 9/11. I don’t care which side of the fence we are on, either pro or anti official story or anywhere in between, because it really doesn’t matter. If our view is fixed and unmoving, or worse, confined to a small narrow space where we can maintain the illusion of intellectual flexibility, we too are useful idiots and pawns of The Empire. Notice I say ‘we’ because I am not immune to this infection.

The Empire cares not what we think so long as we are safely corralled within thought boxes and mind memes. Just as long as we hope/expect/pray change is coming, even if that change is believed to spring from collapse brought about by corruption, fiat debasement, loss of dollar reserve status, foreign overextension of empire, foreign or domestic war, whatever the case may be, we for the most part will remain in place feeding the beast……even while we make plans and prepare for “The End of Empire”.

This holds true even for those who choose to believe little to no change is coming, essentially another of the ‘official’ stories we can all believe in. If I can convince myself things will work out, that all we need to right the ship of state is a different President, Congressional critter or some new laws forcing ‘them’ to stop messing things up (read that as change without…well, you know…’change’) then once again I render myself impotent and from The Empire’s perspective safely on the sidelines biding my time while still participating in the Ponzi and feeding the machine.

What 9/11 did, quite effectively I might add, is violently and dramatically change and focus the world’s perspective in general and the average American citizen’s in particular. A ‘new’ boogeyman was created in order for attention to be directed towards a specific area, which just so happens to draw attention away from another. Thirteen years later the intended consequences are still being implemented. As long as we remain mesmerized by the symptoms of the disease we remain effectively disabled from dealing with the root cause of our illness. Mission Accomplished!

It is time to wake up and head deeper down the rabbit hole. Contrary to popular belief ‘our’ collective problems will not be solved unless and until our inner dysfunction and insanity are confronted and recognized. We are our own worst enemy; a quaint saying everyone thinks applies to others and not to ourselves. As long as ‘We the People” continue to believe this fallacy the ancient divide and conquer techniques will reign supreme.

The 9/11 Litmus Test is not about what we know or don’t know, but how we deal with our knowledge and ignorance as well as ourselves while doing so. Once we begin to lift the veil of ignorance and ideology we are like sharks; either we keep moving forward or we die. There is no more treading water for that is reserved for those left behind.



Cognitive Dissonance


The answers are not black and white.......but gray all over.
The answers are not black and white.......but gray all over.
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  1. Wow CD! This is one of your most powerful essays yet. Fantastic!

    I also was doing something “out of character” that day — I had just started a fitness regimen with my husband that morning, and we were walking into the house when the phone rang and a co-worker told us to turn on the TV.

    Psychological whiplash.

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