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Standard Issue Incompetence – More Evidence of Imperial Decay (Time for Fight or Flight?)

Standard Issue Incompetence - More Evidence of Imperial Decay

(Time for Fight or Flight?)


Cognitive Dissonance


I am certainly not the first to complain about the epidemic of incompetence running throughout our socioeconomic systems. Nor, I suspect, will I be the last. In my opinion it is simply additional irrefutable evidence that societies, cultures and empires degrade over time at all levels and in all aspects. It’s systemic, and not attributable to a single point of failure or ‘collapse’.

While history may note a ‘collapse’ at the end and point to it as ‘the’ fall of society and empire, in fact what had been occurring was a slow crumble, a spreading rot and decay until the supporting infrastructure (meaning its people, places and things) became so weak a stiff breeze, or a few barbarians at the gate, took it down in one fell swoop. Look below the surface and one finds the Empire had already been raped and thoroughly looted from within. Continue reading Standard Issue Incompetence – More Evidence of Imperial Decay (Time for Fight or Flight?)

Daylight Delusional Time


Cognitive Dissonance




adjective: delusional

  1. Characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.


Husband: “Make me a sandwich.”

Wife: “Poof, you’re a sandwich.”


“When all else fails, there’s always delusion.” – Conan O’Brien


Other than the slightly saner individuals residing in Arizona, Hawaii and various overseas ‘territories’ of the USA, “We the Delusional” have once again collectively decided 6 AM is no longer 6 AM, but actually 7 AM.

Poof, it’s now 7 AM. Continue reading Daylight Delusional Time

Loose Cannon


Cognitive Dissonance

Back in the days of sword and sail, warships mounted heavy cannon on their decks in such a way as to maximize their range of fire. Out of necessity, this meant the cannon were not permanently fixed in place and needed to be properly lashed to the deck during high seas or violent maneuvers. The cannon, cast from iron, were extremely heavy weapons of war and wrought great death and destruction if they ever broke free from their restraints and got loose on deck.

Today, the phrase ‘loose cannon’ is used to describe an individual, usually a politician or other ‘authority’, who has become reckless and rash, lashing out senselessly at anyone and everyone within reach. Dangerously uncontrollable would be a proper description of both the loose cannon and the described individual.

But I am not referencing Donald Trump or any other individual for that matter. Instead I am speaking with regard to the faceless, nameless, uber powerful chameleon better known as the Deep State, the existence of which has been repeatedly mentioned in the mainstream and alternative press of late. However, I am not necessarily claiming the Deep State itself is the loose cannon. Read on for the answer. Continue reading Loose Cannon

Go Big or Go Home


Cognitive Dissonance


I just installed a brand spanking new mailbox here at the homestead, the type and size you often find planted in front of working farms around these parts. You know, of a size sufficient enough to accept delivery of a small cow or a medium pig.

The new mailbox is big, black and very beautiful, with a bright red flip up flag and the classic domed top to allow precipitation, frozen or not, to roll right off the poor cow or pig stuffed inside. There’s nothing worse than a wet cow. Dry, on the other hand, is much better. Besides, you can’t return a water damaged cow. I’ve checked and it’s a no go.

Continue reading Go Big or Go Home

Living In a One Horse Town


Cognitive Dissonance


I grew up in a one horse town close to the ocean in southern New England. I mean real close to the ocean, as in the county’s population effectively doubled during the summer vacation season. But other than a steady stream of cars passing though the center of town on their way to the beach, the town itself pretty much remained a one horse town year round.

Of course, this was well before video games, a computer or ‘lap’ top connected to the internet, 500 channels on something called ‘cable’, internet enabled ‘smart’ phones and shopping malls on every corner. The list of modern entertainment choices is endless and doesn’t need to be cataloged any further than I already have. Continue reading Living In a One Horse Town