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Cry ‘Havoc’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War

I am not a classically trained man, having successfully avoided Shakespeare most of my life. But even an ignorant man, such that I am, is eventually exposed to Shakespearian cliches during the normal course of his life. The title of this piece is one such example that has crossed my path on several occasions, the latest being last night as Mrs. Cog and I watched the final episode of the second season of Netflix’s “House of Cards”. Continue reading Cry ‘Havoc’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War

The Sovereignty Series – Reassessing Our Lives – The Value of Being Centered

Most of us will argue that on those occasions when we reach critical decision points in our life we believe they are successfully navigated. Just as important we believe the vast majority of our decisions are based upon current data, the present state of our personal affairs and how it all fits in with our perceived life goals. Continue reading The Sovereignty Series – Reassessing Our Lives – The Value of Being Centered

The Corner Office

 The Corner Office

A Destroyer Always Lands on Her Feet

Fiction by cougar_w


Diamond was out for a walk. It was late, the retail shops were closed and the streets nearly empty but the darkened city was still quietly buzzing with a potent mixture of midnight dining, public drunkenness, and sex.

For all the nightlife churn and the packed sidewalks, she was walking very much alone. Or to put it another way, she was on the prowl. In fact the former activity would be hard to differentiate from the latter except that prowling usually resulted in someone being eaten.

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The Sovereignty Series – A State of Mind

Being Sovereign within Your Inner Space

As I begin to openly discuss the concept of personal sovereignty I am discovering, as I often do with terms and concepts preloaded with divergent meaning and political overtones, that there are plenty of opinions but not much clear thinking, about personal sovereignty. Please note the bold emphasis placed squarely on the word ‘personal’. Continue reading The Sovereignty Series – A State of Mind

Question Everything, Believe Nothing – Ch. 2

Chapter Two - Group Think and the Hive Mind

There is a pretty common ‘belief’ among many that to ask questions of some ‘things’ that others consider settled or ‘true’ is a sign of weakness, of someone who is weak minded, indecisive or one who just can’t be trusted when the nitty gets gritty. They ‘believe’ that the very act of questioning something that is obviously correct implies instability, doubt, hesitation, uncertainty, etc. They ‘believe’ that these people, the shameful Doubting Thomas’s, cannot be trusted and must be viewed with suspicion and distrust. You are either with the herd or you are against the herd. Continue reading Question Everything, Believe Nothing – Ch. 2