Comment and Forum Guidelines

General Comments and Insane Asylum Forum Rules

Please understand that this web site and the forums are a work in progress. We reserve the right to change our minds on its design and the rules as we see fit. Please use good judgment at all times when posting comments and replies. While I can’t accurately describe “good taste” I know it when I see it. And you should as well. Try it, you’ll like it.

1) Please understand that this is not fight club. It you want to punch, kick, scratch, bite and troll then head on over to Fight Club. Violators will be warned to stop and if they do not do so they will be shown the door without a refund.

2) This is not to say that Two Ice Floes will be a politically correct no-free-speech web site. Not by a long shot. We understand that emotions will occasionally boil over and profanity will be used from time to time. We welcome and encourage spirited conversation. As well, we expect comments to be challenged, particularly poorly thought out egotistic diatribes or narcissistic narrow mindedness.

But there is a sometimes fine, sometimes broad, line between challenging someone and being abusive. While I understand that opinions on this subject will differ, please understand that Mrs. Cog and I are the sole arbiters of what constitutes abuse and our decision is final.

3) Obviously this means that the forum will be moderated by Mrs. Cog and I. At some point in the future we will consider elevating respected members of the forum to moderator status, but for now it’s just the two of us running the show here. So if you see something you think should be brought to our attention please contact the webmaster (the talented Mrs. Cog) under the "Membership" tab at the top or myself  via "Finding Cog > Contact" at the bottom of the page and we will take a look.

4) On a trial basis we will allow forum members to embed links and images as they please. Let me repeat that this is on a trial basis. If we find this feature is being abused, rather than try to police it we will simply remove it. At this point, due to web site limitations it is an all or nothing feature. We will keep everyone informed of changes if and when they are implemented.

5) While building this web site we made many decisions on plugins and modifications, and one of those was electing a PG ‘rating’ on avatar images. We don’t control that setting, we’re not even sure what it means or how it is policed. But if you are having trouble uploading that avatar image of a naked bimbo this might be the reason. We will consider changes to this system as the web site develops and matures.

6) For security reasons, as of now there is a five minute window in which you can edit your post. This may or may not change in the future. So we strongly suggest that you read, then reread your post before hitting the save button. Then read it again after it posts because the clock is ticking. Tic Toc

7) Want to see a topic discussed that’s not already up on the forum. Create it yourself. But understand that the same “good taste” rules apply to your topic and it will be pulled if it is offensive or abusive.

Play nice and do not dominate the forum by creating dozens of topics. Please restrain yourself or we might need to. As well, if you create a forum topic we expect you to visit it often and monitor what's going on in your creation. Please contact us immediately if you feel something needs to be addressed.

8) Want something added, subtracted or changed in or about the forum? Contact the webmaster (the lovely Mrs. Cog) or myself and we’ll take a look. No promises, and there are limits to what we can do even on this heavily modified web site. But we are constantly finding new ways to do things, so ring us up with your ideas or comments.

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