Gifts by the Community to the Community

Just as our one on one relationships require constant attention, grooming and cultivation in order to grow and flourish, so does our community require the same in order to be healthy and vibrant.

It is understood that the present day 'we' is the sum total of all our past decisions, initiatives and life experiences. So too is our community, though on a much larger scale. In essence our community is a reflection of the collective efforts and absences of all those who live within the community.

Rarely is one able to create a new community. Far more common is the reality of joining a community already in progress....a term our television programmers like to use. Our influence upon the already established community will depend upon many variables and the direction the community takes now or in the future may already be decided by its own past experiences and personal influences.

Two Ice Floes is a brand new baby and in need of lots of attention and nurturing. Those who join the community early will have an outsized affect upon the direction, tempo and feel of the community. This means that the things you say and do here on Two Ice Floes may have far reaching consequences. Because of this I ask that you treat Two Ice Floes as a precious jewel rather than a throw away soda cup.

One of the many reasons we decided to make this community a premium destination, meaning that a fee must be paid to enjoy unlimited access to the entire website, was to restrict those who might join if there were no financial barrier to entry and treat the community poorly with the intent to disrupt and divide. We tend to value that which we have paid for and devalue that which comes free, meaning with little to no effort involved.

In essence we set the bar higher than would be naturally set if the community were open to any and all and we ask for your help in this experiment in reality creation by respecting the creation while at the same time co-creating our community.

As outlined in the "Welcome to Two Ice Floes" letter we are committed to helping grow our community by offering a limited number of 'free' subscriptions to those who simply cannot afford to do so. While the $30 semi annual/$50 annual fee might be considered De minims to many, to others on the outside looking in it is an insurmountable barrier to entry. We recognize that everyone has their spending priorities and food, housing and utilities are always placed first.

We ask of those who populate our community and who can help out to do so. If you would like to donate a sum, any sum, to pay all or part of a subscription(s) for someone else less fortunate then could you please click "Donate" on the "Membership" drop down menu at the top left of any page. There you will find instructions. Please remember to tell us how you wish your donation to be administered.

Thank you,

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