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Please join me on my journey through an extreme learning curve as this former city girl learns about self sufficiency and old fashioned, natural ways to keep me and my family healthy and well fed. If you are rural bred, much of this may seem like old hat to you, but perhaps you will pick up a few pointers or could share some wisdom with this newbie. For those of you who have lived in a city or the burbs and always purchased all the goods and services you needed...newsflash: this simple life is brilliant.

I am NOT an "expert" in any of the specific areas I discuss on these pages. What I have is an insatiable thirst for learning about ways to be self reliant in these changing times so I don't have to be in fear of  losing that which I am dependent upon. My goals are not to stop using the grocery store or to go "off the grid". I am grateful that the Emergency Room is still available for when one of us is injured. Discovering what people did before these options were available helps to present alternatives that simplify our way of living while actually providing a higher quality of life in many aspects.

That being said, in this highly specialized world we now live in, most look exclusively to teachers, doctors, lawyers and other such experts to give us answers to approach most everything. In the intensely personal world I now exist in, learning to bridge both ice floes means I must consider much more than just what those "qualified" individuals can offer. Perhaps while exploring, by asking better questions we can indeed find better answers.


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