Paradigm Shift

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Teilhard de Chardin(1881-1955)

From a  letter to my adult daughter:

Think of a Paradigm Shift as a change from one way of thinking to another. It's a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It just does not happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change.

Anybody who has an insatiable sense of curiosity is well on their way to seeing there is something big going on underneath the surface of the reality we appear to live in. It is much more than financial ponzi schemes by the central banks and control freaks deciding what is best for us who are running the governments. People everywhere are going through a transformation. When approached with change many people will dig in further to their "beliefs" and teachings because authority figures have validated these ideas. To question your own beliefs would mean you must examine yourself inside and realize you have not verified much of anything, only accepted what you have been told. Often it is too much for the modern day ego to bare. This is why so many people are in denial. It is the reason they are called sheep, because they will act as a herd and follow the group-think, right over the edge of the cliff sometimes.

 For those bold enough to seek answers, it is a process that expands itself. One question leads to ten more and so on... before you know it, you may find yourself questioning everything. This happens differently for each individual who is finding their own path. Let me give you an example. I was a bit freaked out over the tightening control over the citizens of the United States by the government. I read many theories as to their motivations, plans and actions. This led me to many sources including stumbling upon the information that private companies report weather modification techniques to the government each year. WHAT? They are knowingly modifying the weather? Why? How? This led me to researching chem-trails. When the airplane in the sky has an exhaust that disappears not far behind it, that is a "contrail." That is normal. When the exhaust lingers and plumes out across the sky, that is a chem-trail and it has the ability to change the weather. It appears, from paying attention on the interwebby, that most of the world is experiencing periodic chem-trail spraying. It scared me at first, because there are theories (loudly proclaimed) that the agenda was to poison thus depopulate the earth. But I pushed through my fear and kept digging. I found a theory that may make much more sense, but opened a Pandora's box. 

It appears that the earth is indeed experiencing extreme climate change, not from human causes like the carbon agenda would have you believe. Chem-trails may be a way to keep the earth's atmosphere stable during this time. There are changes going on in the solar system, and all the planets are changing. Many of the planets and/or their moons are experiencing volcanic and seismic activity, several have actually changed their rate of rotation, their tilt and possibly their orbit. Not only that, it appears there is a growing body of theoretical physicists and other scientists who have discovered the sun doesn't even work like we (as per the academic scientists) thought and no, it isn't going to blow up or snuff out any time soon (lol). These same scientists who are now thinking "out of the academic box" are putting together evidence that these changes have happened before and earth and its occupants have survived. Hey, somebody call and cancel Doomsday?" But really, all of a sudden, it puts a whole new perspective on what we might consider our top priorities without locking us into believing any one thing. It allows us to remain flexible and try to become better informed.

This is but one example of the things you might find by asking questions and NOT BELIEVING ANYTHING but considering everything. If you really do want the answers... you must consider it all. You don't have to decide if you "believe it" or not. A belief weighs us down like a stone. Thoughts we consider are as light as a butterfly or a feather. You have the ability to carry many many more of those than rocks.

Fear is the driving force that makes people not look. We have been conditioned to be afraid of the unknown. It is fear that keeps us from asking better questions. But remember that better questions will give us better answers.

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