Clearing and Caring for the Land

Not only am I trying to clear and maintain my own land, but because of Gentleman's agreements with neighbors on several sides I'm also trying to take care of the property around me. Effectively I have quadrupled the land we can use at the cost of some extra time and work. It is a great deal for all involved.

So there will be several subsections in this category that will cover a wide range of subjects including clearing brush, cutting trees and/or Kudzu, mowing fields and paths, maintaining logging roads and so on.

I do welcome suggestions, observations, how-to instructions and feedback. While I am not a novice I have not worked with many of these tools and under these conditions in a few decades. I tend to be old school simply because I don't know the new school methods and techniques. So leave your comments below the various articles and school me bro.

Cognitive Dissonance

Thoughts From Cognitive Dissonance Ψ ψ