Power Sources

A Power Source can be anything from a 9 volt battery to a nuclear power plant. But for the purposes of this website I am talking about alternative power sources with respect to powering fully or partially our home and outbuildings.

For now we are utilizing gas or propane fueled alternatives. But it is my hope that we eventually install solar panels and batteries that work with the current system to help us wean ourselves from the external electrical power grid.

While we always conduct extensive research before embarking upon any new project, often success depends upon asking the right questions while in a state of partial ignorance. Please feel free to comment under any section about your views, opinions or knowledge. We welcome feedback and would rather do it right the first time than regret not asking others for help and reworking an already finished project.

Sub-categories for premium members include:

Standby Generators

Portable Generators

Solar and Battery Storage

Wind Power

Other Alternatives

Hard Wired Portable Generator

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