Even though we are only a few miles north of the North Carolina border, thus one would think we would have rather temperate weather, we are 3,000 feet up on the Blue Ridge Plateau. Worse, we are right on the edge of the plateau with our rear property line running along the ridge that immediately begins a 1,500 foot drop.

Needless to say the weather here can be volatile at times, with large wind and temperature differences between our home and the Blue Ridge Parkway just a half mile away as the crow flies. In fact I have felt a significant temperature difference between our home and the neighbor's just an eighth mile down the road.

In the relatively short time we've lived here "on the mountain' we have experienced a variety of weather spanning all four seasons. From what I gather talking to the locals the weather around here has not been 'normal' since we signed the purchase agreement. Hopefully the community hasn't put two and two together and concluded that we are the cause of the abnormal weather.

Here is where I will post images and observations on the weather and its effects as the season's turn. Hope you enjoy the show and running commentary.

Cognitive Dissonance

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