We’re Back……and Better than Ever


Cognitive Dissonance


I continuously marvel how well the world works considering the staggering level of gross incompetence exhibited by all, myself included. This observation, one I find myself endlessly encountering in an ever changing light and perspective, was never more apparent than while Mrs. Cog and I struggled with web hosting issues over the last two weeks.

Initially we were but one of several thousand who were suffering a similar fate, an intermittent website at best and error messages at worst. Calling customer service at our web hosting company to ask for resolution or just for some basic information came down to calling three times within a few hours, then averaging the answers to try to determine what was going on and when it would all end. Continue reading We’re Back……and Better than Ever

I Will Not Have A Depressing Depression

With the world careening towards great change, challenges and chaos, there is no shortage of links and lists to help us toughen up and get prepared to stay healthy, alert and nimble. But at the end of the day it is our own ‘self’, our mind we are alone with. It is here where fear creeps to the forefront and the darkness which is the unknown future appears so menacing. Continue reading I Will Not Have A Depressing Depression

Problems in Paradise


Cognitive Dissonance


If you are reading this you are one of the lucky few who are able to do so. This is day ten of our ongoing website intermittent availability problems (specifically latency and database issues for the technical geeks out there) with a large Internet domain registrar and web hosting company we presently use to ‘host’ our website. Whom, I might add, shall remain nameless lest we be sued into oblivion.

Our only solace is we are not alone for there appears to be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of others using the same company who are experiencing similar problems. Misery truly does love company.

Please be ‘patient’ as we attempt to sort through these problems. Speaking of patient, since today is Fed Wednesday, let us see if the Federal Reserve also remains ‘patient’ and continues to spike the Kool-Aid bowl for Wall Street and moral hazard lovers everywhere.


Yours patiently,

Mrs. and Mr. Cognitive Dissonance

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