Privacy Policy

Two Ice Floes does not allow advertising on this web site nor does it rely upon advertising as a source of revenue. Because we charge a fee for premium content, this simple act greatly simplifies our Privacy Policy since we do not view your contact information as a valuable commodity to be sold.

As such our Privacy Policy is short and sweet. We will not sell, barter, exchange,  share, lend, give away or otherwise commoditize any information you provide us when you register on this web site for membership. Period.

We reserve the right to use any contact information you may have provided during membership signup to contact you from time to time with promotions or offers directly connected to Two Ice Floes or any other businesses directly or indirectly connected to or owned by the owner(s) of Two Ice Floes.

When you register for a Premium Membership you are directed to make payment for the membership via the PayPal payment services. Two Ice Floes is never in possession of any of your payment information, including credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, Security Codes or billing/home addresses.

When you make a payment you are contracting with PayPal to charge your credit/debit card(s) or bank account(s) and any personal information inadvertently exposed by this process either during or after the fact is the legal liability of PayPal payment services and not Two Ice Floes.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback regarding this privacy policy please contact the webmaster or Cog by clicking on the "Contact" link under "Finding Cog" at the bottom of any page.

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