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You Only Have One Inalienable Right – Part Two

I don't normally publish my rants. By  definition they are an excess of emotion regardless of how truthful or logical they may be. If one cannot master his or her emotions,  ultimately one is a slave to them. 

On occasion I become frustrated and  choose to vent rather than let it stew inside. I have learned it is best  to let it all go, lest I be consumed by anger, resentment and righteous indignation.

For some reason I have decided to post this one. Don't ask me why because I could not answer logically. This  particular rant was so long I took pity upon the poor reader and broke it up into two parts. Below find part two with part one published a month ago.

Cognitive Dissonance

(Please note, in part one I explained the only inalienable right we have is to be curious, inquisitive, thoughtful and brutally honest with ourselves.) Continue reading You Only Have One Inalienable Right – Part Two

Seeing…and Being Seen

Seeing…and Being Seen


Cognitive Dissonance


While I suspect western culture has always been afflicted with the desperate need to be seen, affirmed and acknowledged, we appear to be nearing the climax of self destructive behavior in our mindless pursuit to escape our true self by having our madness verified as normal and natural by other mad men and women.

Misery, and madness, loves company. Continue reading Seeing…and Being Seen

Nature’s Fireworks

I grew up outdoors, returning to the nest only to refuel and recharge. As a child of the 1950's and 60's, any entertainment value derived from remaining indoors paled in comparison to what lay just beyond the entrance threshold.

This carried over into my 20's and early 30's when I worked residential construction in Southern New England. There are four distinction seasons, all of near equal length, in that part of the world. So I grew up appreciating, and occasionally cursing, every aspect of Mother Nature. Continue reading Nature’s Fireworks