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Questioning everything...

Nature has a world of answers. We just need to ask better questions.

So I question... if a doctor is FAR more likely to kill me than a criminal... if avoidable modern medical "mistakes" are now the third leading cause of death in the USA... if the typical doctor has little or no medical training in the area of nutrition... why in the world would I even want to depend upon Western medicine unless I was in need of emergency trauma care?

Just as our health and wellness compels me to try to know the sources of our food and water so I can be assured of its quality and effects, I apply the same standards to medicine in our home.  I highly encourage anyone who is interested in being responsible for the care of their own health, and in relying less on so-called "normal" protocols, to read and investigate the amazing and simple alternatives that exist right under our noses.

This article is one of my attempts to distiguish the difference between and natural, holistic approach and a conventional medical approach.  A natural, holistic approach is about supplying nutrition to the body so that the body can heal itself.  Our current health care system is one of disease management that is governed by expensive pharmaceutical drugs and insurance companies.  (Note that I still don’t understand why these drugs are so expensive.)  Our current health care system will never be affordable based on this model.

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Holistic medicine's name comes from the Greek word halos, which means whole, and refers to a practice of medicine which treats the body, mind and spirit. Holistic medicine differs from traditional Western medicine in terms of philosophy, diagnostic techniques and treatment options. Individuals taking charge of their own health care would do well to investigate both options.

Pharmaceutical companies have convinced people that side effects are just a normal part of medicine, when the fact is they should not be. True medicine works with the entire body.

Herbs are one of my favorite things to grow, for cooking and for treating ailments. Many of them are perennials, so once you get herbs established you don’t have to worry about planting them year after year. And many herbs do quite well in partial shade, and are a great way to use those areas around your home which don’t get enough sunlight for sun-loving plants.

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