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Questioning everything...

Why are humans so unhealthy? Who doesn't know someone who has (or had) cancer, alzheimers or suffers from one or more of a myriad of debilitating conditions? Why is it that people who seem to do all the right things still develop diseases?

It appears we humans have outsmarted ourselves again. For all our brilliant advances, we have turned our mudball into a toxic soup that assails us at every angle. Usually I find there are two or more sides polarized and arguing about the cost/benefit of what created any given toxin, such as... we may have some radioactive waste to deal with but just look at all the clean electricity it has bestowed upon the lucky <cough, cough> parts of the world. After all, if we are all caught up in arguing this or that viewpoint, we aren't asking the other questions.

Other questions might include: how is this affecting my health on a daily basis? What can I do to mitigate this? Have I been able to identify the sources and remove or lessen them to the extent I am able? How would I even go about beginning to accomplish this?

Slowly but surely, as I weed through these topics, I am finding there are indeed many choices we have before us. Transforming my own life from toxic to a state of wellness is truly the 800 pound elephant before me. One of my favorite "Cogisms" remains: "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

I read so many articles, publications from doctors and professionals, and alternative sources that list overwhelming sources and remedies which collectively leave me with the impression that to combat all the potential health hazards I would need to be on a desert island. It would be impossible for me to live a life without cell phone, seafood, plastic, any appliance emitting EMFs including computers, exposure to some processed foods... the list goes on. For years I thought why bother? It seemed an impossible task. I am learning it is not if I do it one bite at a time.

Here are some links to some recent, informative articles on the subject:

Whether you believe this is deliberate depopulation or careless disregard in the pursuit of the almighty dollar, there is little question that we are all victims of a toxic civilization. This is our future, and no amount of cognitive dissonance, no loudly stated refusal to believe it, will make it go away.

There are many sources of stress and toxicity living in the world of today. To be as healthy as possible, we need to intentionally learn how and take the necessary actions to relax stress, avoid poisons and eat and drink for health. Helping each other investigate what is going on and sharing important knowledge improves our potential for well-being.

Just as your car or truck needs clean gas, clean oil, and a clean air filter to function properly, your body needs "clean" food. If you pour in the wrong kind of oil, or gas that's loaded with "fillers" or your exhaust system is clogged up, your car will give you obvious and immediate signs of system breakdown, like bucking when you step on the gas, or smoke coming out of the tail pipe, or the "check engine" light will come on. What will you do about it?

Part of the problem with the level of toxic chemicals we are now exposed to is that they tend to stay in the body. Once these toxins reach a critical mass, they can suppress your immune system and cause disease. Periodic cleansing is an important part of any natural health program, and it is as important to identify toxic chemicals in any products that you are still consuming and / or exposed to.

We live in a toxic environment, being exposed to an estimated 2.5 billion pounds of chemicals each year. Once these toxins accumulate in the body, they may manifest in an array of symptoms.

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