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I have found that writing is a wonderful way to clear the mind and channel my thoughts. An idea never put to paper, while inspiring or exciting, is never fully formed or communicated until it has been expressed and distributed.

It is during the writing process that we truly find out if our idea has merit or validity because if it is illogical, nonsensical or difficult to follow it will be mostly ignored....and we will know it long before ever posting it. On the other hand if our written work is concise, logical, honest and even poetic it stands out amongst all others as an idea to be reckoned with.

I always wanted to write since I was a very young boy immersed in the wonders of science fiction, my absolutely favorite subject as a child. While I took stabs at the art from time to time I never felt much could or would come from it.

When Zero Hedge  was still in its infancy I enjoyed being an active commenter and I used that forum to experiment with my writing. Then one day Tyler from Zero Hedge emailed me and asked if I would like to become a contributing editor. The rest, as they say, is history.

I have tried to spread the wealth on Zero Hedge by guest posting several author's work and I will continue that theme here on my own web site.

This is YOUR opportunity to get writing and send it in. Please check out a few guidelines below before submitting.  You do not need to be a Two Ice Floes member in order to submit your article for publication, nor do you need to be a member to read "Your Turn" articles that have been published here on Two Ice Floes.

Cognitive Dissonance


A few basic guidelines....

1) Two Ice Floes make the rules and Two Ice Floes is the sole arbiter of what is within the rules, what is not and where that dividing line resides. We ask for good taste, clear and logical thinking and perspective from your submissions. Profanity laced personal attacks against another individual, organization, religion or whatever simply for the purpose of attacking will not be posted. Take the high road folks and stay there when writing.

2) Two Ice Floes reserves the right to edit the piece. We will always clear all our edits with you and we will not post anything you submit that we edit without your approval. Period. You have the right to reject an edit we have made. If you do so please at least try to explain why you are doing so.

As writers we often want specific words used in a specific order or manner and changing it may destroy what we are trying to get across. We get that. So if we edit something of yours that you don't like please explain to us why so that we can get it too. If there is a disagreement that can't be resolved, well.....see rule # 1 above.

3) Fiction, non-fiction, educational, comical, historical, economic or political......the sky is the limit. Just remember that you are speaking to the community and everyone you are talking to does not necessarily share your opinion. Be persuasive, be complete, be honest....particularly with yourself. I don't need to agree with someone to enjoy what they write. But most of us can detect a pretentious fake a mile away. And please leave the angry rants at the door. Or if you are going to rant at least make it entertaining.

4) If your work is posted on Two Ice Floes it remains your work and you can post it anywhere else you wish. However Two Ice Floes retains the right to use your work on this or any other website or other creative work we may produce for as long as we wish to do so. Not posting your work for a while is not an acknowledgement that we no longer wish to use your work.

5) When you submit your work let us know if you will be submitting images with it or if you wish Two Ice Floes to add artwork. If you do add images please use copyright free images. We can direct you to several websites that offer them. Two Ice Floes can be fined for using a copyrighted image and we don't wish to pay those fines for someone's carelessness.

6) At the time of submission please indicate whether you wish to allow readers to leave comments or not. We can turn that feature on and off for each posting. You do not need to explain to us why you do not wish to have comments activated. That is your business. But I assure you that your work will be better received if you, the author, allow comments and you are active in the comment section under your work.

7) We enjoy our anonymity and we will guard yours. But we do need to know your real name and address for our records if we are going to post your work. If you don't wish to tell us your real name then we can't post your work. My apologies, but we don't have web servers in Switzerland and a high powered legal team backing us up. We need to practice some common sense when accepting outside work.

If you wish to submit your creation for publication please contact Cognitive Dissonance below for instructions. Do not use the contact form below to submit your actual work. That comes later. All information will be kept strictly confidential...

Cognitive Dissonance

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