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Perhaps your garden matters more than you think it does. Never has the world seen such unprecedented gambling with any and all systems, natural and manmade, including leveraged bets on your food supply. If you are gardening this summer, on behalf of your plants and all the supporting cast of pollinators, worms and birds, as well as your future piece of mind, I’d like to personally thank you.

If you haven’t started growing a garden to supplement the food you eat, or if you‘re taking a break this season, let me take this opportunity to say in my most convincing mommy-voice, “Your Garden Matters!” Continue reading #YourGardenMatters

The Multi-Purpose Barn

Our new barn is the result of an evolution. The idea began as a large shed to house small tractors and equipment so the workshop/garage's floor space might be freed for Cog to service tools such as chainsaws and lawn mowers, as well as room to build things.

The shed concept morphed as we made frequent stops in nearby towns and even along country roads to inspect various sheds and barns. We considered their size and shape, their special features such as a second story or unique windows and in particular the building structure. We were interested in things like the size and style of the roof overhang and the different types of siding.

After weeks of research and examination of various building plans, Cog proclaimed us ready as we’ll ever be and we priced, purchased and took delivery of the majority of the building supplies he would need. Weather permitting, throughout the winter Cog worked diligently and many modifications were made along the way. While I’m sure Cog will make the time to churn out a technical piece about the building concepts and process, here is the down and dirty unveiling for those of us less savvy in the area of construction. Continue reading The Multi-Purpose Barn

Two Ice Floes – A Case Study

The concept of Two Ice Floes came about years back when Cog was explaining to me his view of reality and the difference between the world we seem to live in and our inner self. The world as it is presented to us, dubbed the Matrix for those Hollywood savvy moviegoers, appears to be a linear system where we are born, programmed, attain levels of success or failure according to systems in place, and then we eventually die. Often the world supplies us with a navigational belief system through family, church, government education, hard knocks or a lack of/combination of them. Deep down inside, most people know there is more, even if they never venture far enough to put their finger on it.

For people who are bold enough to look for the elusive missing piece of the puzzle, they often discover a whole new world inside themselves without limits or constraints or rules. Venture in far enough and one finds we are each an artist with the ability to create the very reality we exist in. Understanding this has provided Cog and I with a platform to discuss everything at home in a conversational way most people avoid like the plague.

Why do humans measure their worth in money? Do we even need money to trade value in an advanced civilization? Does freedom lie outside us, granted by ruling bodies, or is it inside our Self once we unlock our own magic doors within? If power is always corruptible, thus corrupted, is self-governance the real solution? How do we act accordingly once we understand the nature of people and the systems that direct them?

Now imagine being a typical American teenager, armed with an iPhone, social media, and bombarded with all the programming vehicles of public education and popular culture used to mold modern kids. It seems impossible that upon reaching 18, a young adult would be able to think for themselves or regularly apply true critical thinking.

Miraculously, this is just what has happened to our teen, the youngest of our six children. Continue reading Two Ice Floes – A Case Study

And Just Like That….It’s Spring

We blinked and Spring arrived. It snowed and then it was 70°F.

Hitting the ground running, there has been very little rest lately as we dove into work mode. We willingly function in a "work until we drop" mindset and often our evenings are spent with sore muscles and a quiet sense of satisfaction. Personally, I don’t mind one bit because we are working for ourselves. Continue reading And Just Like That….It’s Spring