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Bugging Out of the D.C. Burbs

Originally published on ZeroHedge July 7, 2013

If there is one thing I dramatically misjudged during the great looting of the past five years, it has been the depth of the bag of tricks the banksters and politicians could use to perpetuate the game. How many times have we said in the threads here at Zero Hedge "This is it. Cue the deer Tyler"? Continue reading Bugging Out of the D.C. Burbs


From Mrs. Cog's Corner

The word good is a funny term. I took a philosophy seminar in college where my professor took the liberty of devoting the entire semester solely to aspects of the concept "good". As Cog likes to point out, we humans tend to categorize our judgements as black or white, good or bad. In reality, most things are both and neither and our polarizing view of things around us in these terms does not help us to benefit or grow. Food and water are a perfect example of these thoughts. Continue reading Food