10 Shady Origins Of Consumerism In The US

It is a terrible blow to the ego to admit we are covertly and overtly manipulated or influenced by anything other than our own mind.  We wish to 'believe' we are rational, logical and independent thinkers who act in our own best interest all the time. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

Sadly we will remain under the control of the very thing we reject as manipulating us for as long as we resist fully accepting the knowledge and understanding that much of what we consider original and critical thought is little more than repackaged and personalized propaganda and cultural beliefs. We cannot overcome that which we deny is present in the first place.

The purpose of the following article is not to rub our faces in our own inadequacy or futility. Rather it is presented to help us understand one simple fact, that everywhere we turn we are surrounded by controlling memes and propaganda. The way forward is to fully recognize where we have been and then embrace personal responsibility to change the path we presently walk.

Please join me in reading "10 Shady Origins Of Consumerism In The US".

Cognitive Dissonance

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