A Failure of Imagination

By Cognitive Dissonance

Simply stated we create our own reality……although it is a ‘reality’ strictly limited to the range and scope of our beliefs and imagination. Thus if we can conceive of a world no different than what we believe actually exists, which in turn is based solely upon our present day (deliberately) limited perception, then this is exactly what we shall (co)create, maintain and interact with.

This concept is staggering in its simplicity and self evident when we consider it from all sides and with an open mind. Of course, it follows then that those of limited imagination, either by way of training, conditioning, ignorance or denial, will see my statement as nonsensical and ridiculous, thus perpetuating their (and our) own narrow, stagnant and self destructive reality.

It is my contention we are all conceived as perfect reality creators, though not yet fully formed and completely untrained, who are hijacked and sidetracked into a slave culture reality designed to serve others and not our ‘selves’. This process has so twisted our natural human impulse for free and unique reality creation the end result expresses as individual and collective insanity. Sadly, tragically, we are all terribly insane and getting worse by the moment.

Ultimately this deeply implanted and completely alien subversion of our mind, spirit and body acts as a lingering virus or infection which, while not deadly (yet), is extremely debilitating and exhausting. This serves to further reinforce the inner insanity while also undermining defensive devices employed by our inner ‘self’ in order to recover from what we subconsciously ‘know’ deep within is an externally applied alien abomination.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for the sociopathic slave masters) insanity is self perpetuating, self affirming and always perfectly logical to the insane, thus we remain deeply co-opted and ineffectual for anything other than to subsist as slave labor for the layer above us……who are in turn slave labor for their superiors and so on and so on. Everyone has an assigned role to play in this macabre theater and most of the kicking, scratching and bloodletting among we spiritually tethered humans is solely about switching positions within the hierarchy. Very few ever stop to consider the only way to win is not to play.

The problem was, and always will be, overcoming the inertia or collective weight of the present day consensus reality which is shared by, and continuously co-created and reaffirmed by, an insane humanity. While our individual beliefs may differ somewhat from each other, collectively we share common understandings that far transcend politics and culture. Deep within our ‘self’ we all ‘know’ with ultimate certainty what is real and what is not. Therefore the primary purpose of the empire’s imperial conditioning is to subvert, subsume and suffocate the innate reality creator long before it ever has a chance to inspirationally create an alternative reality, let alone defend itself from an externally imposed one.

While we can dicker and bargain about this or that specific ‘reality’, all in all everyone shares a common deeply conditioned understanding of how the world ‘works’ along with what is, and is not, ‘real’. Anyone who strays from these core beliefs is nudged (though increasingly, marched at {inferred} gun point might be a more accurate statement) back in line by the gatekeepers and high priests, also known as the ‘authorities’……those who either author their own reality (very rare) or support, sustain and maintain the consensus belief system (extremely prolific).

Place me inside a room isolated from all outside influences and over time (if I do not go stark raving mad {sane?} in the process) I am much more likely to be able to create my own reality. Maybe! The answer to whether I can effectively awaken the inner realty creator ultimately depends upon whether or not I can free my ‘self’ from the artificial ‘me’.


The difficulty lay not in learning new ways and methods, but with unlearning the old, the embedded tentacles of our deeply seated inter-generational imperial conditioning. Since we are trained from birth to seek out continuity, to conform, comply and (most importantly to the empire) shun change, the older we become the less likely we are to learn ‘new’ old tricks.

Therefore the power to effect significant change to our present day consensus reality ultimately resides within our children who, sadly, are firmly embedded within a deeply dysfunctional and severely narcissistic culture of pleasure seeking and denial. Ever notice how the sociopaths, control freaks and despots first turn to our children in the midst of their ongoing conquests? They know where humanity’s true (future) power can be found and they quickly act to co-opt it.

Stated simply ‘We the People’, meaning our past (our elders), our present (the so-called current productive population) and our future generations (our children) are deeply addicted to a smorgasbord of ever more bread and circuses, to a never ending and ever escalating parade of mutual masturbation and circular enabling.

The very fact “We the People” fail to perceive this reality for what it truly is presents de facto evidence of our cultural collapse and personally conditioned addictions, the hall mark symptom of which is deep seated denial of anything seriously wrong with our ‘self’. We cannot fix what we do not acknowledge is broken and presently the human psyche appears broken beyond repair.

Or so it seems.

As someone who struggled with a devastating addiction for well over two decades until I began (and continue) to travel the road to recovery in 1990, I know firsthand the travails of senseless self destruction and utter insanity as well as the long and difficult road back from the abyss. Not surprisingly, the turning point for me was self evident once my denial collapsed and I became willing (desperate actually) to do anything needed to arrest my fall. I had to find my bottom in order to rise above my ‘self’ and recognize I was, and continue to be, my own worst enemy.

I was the problem, I am the problem and I always will be the problem, the very definition of personal responsibility at its most basic incarnation. Once I acknowledge where the problem lay the solution cannot be avoided, only denied. Notice I do not speak in the past tense, but rather in the present. I do this because the process is not a ‘one and done’ event, but instead an ongoing rigorous and fearless self examination. The subtlety of the insanity lay within the egoic belief I can ‘fix’ thousands of years of imperial conditioning with a few short sessions of cursory assessment of my surface flaws. If only it were that easy.


It is the denial of my ‘self’ which was (and remains) the root cause of my insanity. A house divided will fall, an analogy which works perfectly when speaking of both the body and the body politic. I am only as sick as my deepest darkest secrets and the deepest of all secrets are those I will never discuss, especially with my ‘self’. One cannot fix what one does not acknowledge is broken and “We the People”, regardless of race, creed, color or nationality, are most certainly broken. Sadly the more broken we become, the louder our insistence we are not.

All we must do to begin the healing process is to admit this self evident and irrefutable fact is true and then become willing to do whatever it takes to begin to heal. As preposterous as this might sound to those who are convinced the personal and cultural dysfunction has moved past the point of no return, it truly is that simple. We must recognize the insanity of the present day consensus reality, and then become willing to make whatever changes to our ‘self’ that are necessary to regain our health.

The path forward must begin on a deeply personal and individual basis. For those who claim we must first fix the body politic in order for the individual to heal, this is the oppressive insanity dominating by obscuring common sense and reason. The body politic is ‘us’ and we are the body politic. Therefore if the individual is deathly ill the whole can never regain health. Never! The cancer is not found outside the body, but springs from deep within. ‘We’ are insane; therefore “We the People” are at least equally insane……and arguably more so. When we point to the rampaging sociopaths who are presently in control we are illuminating the symptom and not the disease.

To claim the sum of the dysfunctional parts is more sane than the individual pieces is……well, insane. Aside from not even passing the sniff test, the increasingly rancid stench of the rotting collective carcass requires exponential increases of willful ignorance and outright denial. Eventually all applied counter measures will fail in the face of the glaringly obvious. Either we die as an insane culture or we survive, and thrive, as healthy and aware individuals.

The corrupt imperial empire will survive only as long as we wish it to remain in place. While we howl in protest and righteous indignation after every newly revealed imperial transgression, the sad truth is each time the emperor is revealed to have no clothes it only serves to convince ourselves the problem lay without when in truth the illness rages within.

Do “We the People” possess the courage and intestinal fortitude to engage in a complete and thorough personal self examination before we turn our attention to the surrounding insanity? I believe we do. Ultimately it is immaterial whether the people around us are willing to engage. All that is of any consequence is for you and I do so.

I detest the term ‘sheep’ or ‘sheeple’ when speaking of those whom we claim are asleep, for to use this term implies the speaker is awake. But if this concept is correct, then the very problem as labeled presents its own simple solution. ‘Sheep’ are easily led. Lead by example and others will soon follow our lead.

Assuming, that is, we are actually willing to walk the talk.


Cognitive Dissonance


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5 thoughts on “A Failure of Imagination”

  1. Hello CD,

    I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw that you – rather than another ‘alternative perspectives author’ – had posted a new article for the first time in 5 months! Don’t get me wrong – I have thoroughly enjoyed all the posts I’ve read on this site, particularly those written by the lovely Mrs. Cog. However, since being told about your temporary return to ‘gainful employment’, I’ve been more than a little curious to find out the results of your ‘self-lobotomization’. Having been a member of your site since July, I’ve been hovering in silence until now; your long-awaited post has given me the kick I needed to come out of hiding. I wait with bated breath for an update on your battle with the ‘Salt Mind’.

    Scaredy Cat

    1. Scaredy Cat,

      It has been way too long since my last post. Between being at work for 9 hours a day (an hour for lunch stuffed into the 9), a ‘corporate’ work schedule that only affords one full weekend off a month and a constantly rotating swing shift plus two hours of round trip travel time each day plus prep time coming and going plus the usual work on the homestead plus general exhaustion plus some writers block……well, you get the idea. Now that winter is coming my homestead workload will greatly diminish…..or so I hope.

      I do plan on devoting more time to writing this winter. It was nice to be back in the saddle and I have much to say after my long absence.

      Thank you,
      Cognitive Dissonance

  2. a tape recorder on the commute might help. some of my best writing, was on a paper plate, or brown paper bag. my ego is the part of me that is not connected to anything else, nothing new there,screaming out from solitary confinement currently. sometimes I still listen? my higher power is the part of me that’s connected to everyone and everything else. infinite possibilities. and sometimes I still hesitate? progress not perfection.

    1. I use the record function on my iPhone when I wish to take notes or dictate.

      The ‘problem’ for me has been multifaceted, but mostly an insane work schedule that has me working a first shift one day, a second shift the next day and a mid shift the third day. That plus a long commute doesn’t leave me much time to do much more than tend to my homestead obligations and work. Hopefully now that winter is coming and the homestead needs less of my attention, more time can be devoted to writing.

      We shall see.

      Cognitive Dissonance

  3. “All we must do to begin the healing process is to admit this self evident and irrefutable fact is true and then become willing to do whatever it takes to begin to heal. ”

    This almost never happens without some existential crisis. And the crisis is coming. It is how we will be redeemed, just as your crisis redeemed you.

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