A World Hangs In The Balance

by Jon Rappoport

The overwhelming number of well-funded groups “fighting for change” in this world are misdirected. Intentionally so.

These groups are designed to go off track, eliminate freedom, and produce answers that bring about more top-down control.

I can’t emphasize that strongly enough:

—The use of dupes and pawns, organized into groups, which cause more chaos and try to demoralize and box in THE INDEPENDENT INDIVIDUAL.

But the independent individual must survive, because he is where civilization begins.

The independent individual must understand this: his rational powers, and his imagination and creative impulse, are the foundation of anything that could be called civilization.

He can sacrifice these abilities on some altar of expediency or fear, but if he does, his light goes out.

Virtually ALL well-funded groups in the world who opt for change and betterment, under the banner of “greatest good for everyone,” are controlled.

They are paid for and run as fronts for global takeover. Their workers on the ground are clueless.

The elites we call the Globalists are basically promoting the following message: “If consent is withdrawn from our brilliant structure, life will go down the drain. We must have more groups who support our structure.”

Who basically withdraws consent? THE INDIVIDUAL.

Those individuals who sacrifice their own rational power and imagination are, in effect, consenting to the Globalist takeover.

That takeover is not civilization in any meaningful sense of the word.

It is tyranny.

Tyranny takes everything from the independent individual, and gives it to the permanently dependent individual.

And then, as the vortex spins deeper, more people become dependent, and the tyrants allow them just enough to survive on the margins.

Every sane person wants a better world, but most sane people don’t yet recognize how that impulse can be twisted against them. Do you believe power-elites would promote their vision under the banner of “a police state” or “dictatorship, poverty, and loss of hope for all”?

They must paint a glorious future with generalities that, superficially, many people agree to.

—It takes a village. We’re all in this together. Hope and change. Equality for all. Justice. Freedom from oppression. Unity.

But as usual, the devil is in the details.

The fall from the “grace” of promises and slogans is rapid. People wake up one day and find their lives are more troubled and perilous. What happened to the better world and the glimpse of utopia?

Ask some of the Russians who were around during the early years of the USSR. They’ll tell you.

These days, the m.o. is “kinder and gentler.” The clamp-down is slower. But it’s heading in the same direction.

Groups clamor for help, for fairness, for liberation. They’re entering the gates of misery. But they don’t know it.

So-called social justice warriors are already finding themselves out in the cold. They’re waking up to the Big Con. It all started for them with a vision they bought into. It wasn’t their own. Not really. They boarded a bus to nowhere. Their ticket was a victim-story.

They thought they were working with the government. But the government was working them.

Their one hope is to come back to themselves as individuals, to recover what they sacrificed.

The uniformed and naïve want to lay on a new interpretation of history. They want to claim that no real progress was ever made by men who were flawed. If a man wasn’t wholly pure, nothing he did was of value.

On that basis, for example the American Constitution has been rejected as “unworthy.”

We have come this far, however, because of a protracted struggle for individual freedom and, thus, independence. Until recently, that was the arc of history.

Now we return to the battle, because it must always be engaged, and because the understanding of freedom is slipping away.

The world hangs in the balance.


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6 thoughts on “A World Hangs In The Balance”

  1. Well written and succinctly expressed.

    The root drive motives behind the money lenders that have funded the causes of “do gooders”, “liberals”, “progressives”, and passionate conservatives” have never been altruism, but instead ultimate control, dominion, and power over everyone and every economic thing on this planet.

    1. Solomon,

      It is extremely difficult for average Jane and Joe to grasp the idea you express above might actually be so. We are all severely limited by our imagination, which by extension is restricted by our world view and experience set. To truly engage our imagination requires us to suspend disbelief and allow the mind to fly freely. Since so much of our worldview is conditioned by repeated application of fear tempered by reward when we carefully color within the lines, very few of us average folks will venture much beyond the confines of our condition mind.

      Therefore, most will remain blissfully ignorant of all that your declaration encompasses. There really isn’t much need to censor us when most of our time is devoted to self censoring behavior, thought and deed.

      Cognitive Dissonance

      1. Dear CogDis:

        I have travel all about this planet during the past six (plus) decades by trains, planes, automobiles, bicycles, carts, boats, ships, and on foot. I have traveled throughout many countries and have traveled repeatedly and extensively through 49 of the 50 US States (including Alaska and Hawaii numerous times). Based on my direct experiences I have determined that at best only 15% of the residence could understand the nefarious nature of predaceous Shylock Banksters and other miscreant money lenders. Even more disconcerting and disheartening is that significantly less than 1% of the western population cares to understand that the same tribe of predaceous Shylock Banksters have been manipulating and destroying civilizations for centuries. The same evil lot have caused, encouraged, funded, and/or profited from every major war since the Thirty Years’ War.

        Exactly what was reportedly Jesus’ greatest crime that got him beaten, whipped, and nailed to a cross? He publically exposed the money changers and the Sadducees for their corruption and stealing from the citizenry. The Sadducees are still among us.


  2. Emotional states are the tastiest prey for the raptors of manipulation. Psychologically most people don’t connect the dots that their comfort zones and fears are driving their judgment as the animals of the forest they are. They need reassurance that things will all be good in their world so they can expend the energies of critical thinking on other hedonistic diversions instead. Fighting for change is a process where individuals must continuously measure and adjust their intent, and focus on their place within a given situation. It demands of a person the ability to recognize they can operate outside the control and authority of others. This of course is anathema to the NGO world, which depends on the capitulation of self and the surrender to organized powers. This system has metastasized and the herd mentality is the order of the day for the feasting devils that claim to represent us.

    1. Sadly we humans are played like violins by experts. And the greatest leverage employed is by subtle manipulation of our egos. When we are deeply immersed in emotional outburst, whether verbally, physically or mentally, this is precisely when we are most vulnerable.

      Cognitive Dissonance

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